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    External qigong research in China(article link) Pretty interesting. I was planning a trip over there but it was called off.
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    Active and Passive mindset

    Hi everyone, Lately after reviewing my past sessions I have found two elements to be especially important. Firstly, it seems that it is necessary to actively direct my intent towards recieving a specific aspect of the target. Specifically, I am finding that asking questions or verbal "prompts"...
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    The nostrils, hemispheres, and RVing

    Apparently the nostril you are breathing through affects the hemispheres of the brain... Interestingly enough, there are some differing effects on males and females? Basically, the nostril you are dominantly breathing with is tied into the activity of the opposite hemisphere. Perhaps this can...
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    Filtering out RV data

    Hi, Lately I have been doing lots of card guessing with a deck I keep handy. I find that in a successful "guess" that part of me knows the correct suit, but then there is another part of my mind that I have to ignore, which tends projects the wrong suit into my perception. I have found that in...
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    Re: Lucid Dreaming

    I've had a few "somewhat lucid" dreams. In one dream I was in some kind of naval facility or something, and then in my dream I realized "Hey... I'm dreaming". I quickly wrote something down in a book that I materialized in my dream, and then tried flying. I couldn't. Couldnt walk through the...
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    Altered states of conciousness and RV/psi

    I read that hypnosis, as well as the ganzfeld technique, is useful in improving psi. I'd like everyone's opinion on whether they have found altered states of consciousness(whether induced by brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, meditation, ganzfeld, or anything else) useful in remote viewing and...