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    An Experiment with Time, Preface by Russell Targ

    An Experiment with Time J. W. Dunne ----------------------------------- PREFACE by Russell Targ The laboratory evidence from more than one hundred years of parapsychological research makes it clear that we sometimes obtain information about the future which is not available to us by normal...
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    Brainy Alien

    I'm not big into 'aliens' and 'ufos' but I had another experience this morning which felt non-local. Maybe it is all just a dream.. I seem to be contacted by another lifeform, and can't shake it. The sun has just risen, and I've just woken up and .. it hits me (not literally). 'It' for a...
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    BBC Focus Magazine (Issue #155) OCTOBER 2005

    Do out of body experiences prove that the mind can exist independently of the brain? Robert Matthews investigates Out of body experiences Susan was sitting cross-legged on the floor with some student friends late one night when it happened. She noticed the voices of her friends becoming oddly...
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    C G Jung's Collective Unconscious

    I've heard many descriptions of Jung's concept of the Collective Unconscious being compared to the Matrix or Holograph and other even more vague ideas. This is such a disservice to Jung & all he fought for! His Collective Unconscious theory is more in-line with modern emotional...
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    New to the board

    Hi guys, I'm new to the board :) Haven't had much time to read up on a lot of the topics. I've been interested in RVing since I saw Joe McMoneagle on TV when I was younger. I'd had some interests in psychic phenomena for a while, but went instead towards psychology because I liked the logic...