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  1. PJ

    Predicting Public Events

    Years ago, I made this website called 'Predict This' with the idea that people could use RV to predict public events like election and trial outcomes, things like that. Daz helped me with a nifty title for it. I never opened it publicly though, because at the time, my health was crashing, I had...
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    MOVED: Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners

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    Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility

    Thanks to mscir - aka Mike -- we have an easy, clean little online utility that anybody can use for a little practice. Feel welcome to put questions or feedback here if you have any. I am so grateful to people like Mike, and Daz, and others who put their own...
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    MOVED: What really Happened to Adolf Hitler, Remote Viewing The Death Of the Fuhrer

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    Great Music

    I thought I'd make a thread for occasional posts with music refs. This guy Sungha Jung (South Korea) is one of my favorite guitarists. He's been playing (ridiculously well) since he was so young (small kid!). He does original music now, though he has a ton of lovely covers on youtube. Some of...
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    50 Shades

    ... of chicken. This whole sales page -- not just the book -- is a riot! That's creative marketing. :-) PJ
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    The off-topic and humor board

    We had this board. It got attacked by a spambot so severely it would have taken me 3 days to clear it. I moved it to the admin section instead, so it ceased to exist on the main forum. Then a couple people asked me about it, and then I had moved a topic to it, forgetting that in doing so I...
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    Probability and Viewing

    I'm copying quotes from a post from the presidential thread since as Fletch pointed out that actually began on a different line and this is kind of a parallel (no pun intended) philosophical element. quoting Fletch Right, as far from that as you can get is the goal. Sometimes, over time, this...
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    Current Stuff re: Morehouse

    We have this as a link here: and rather obviously if you click it, that isn't working anymore. Does anybody have current web info for David Morehouse? Is he still teaching RV? If he still has a practice targets page somewhere I'd like to...
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    "Source Code" the movie

    Jake Gyllenhall stars in "Source Code" which turned out to be a really interesting show! I bet anybody into these kinds of topics would like it (even though it's not... quite... about psi). PJ
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    MOVED: RV Mentor: Online Remote Viewing Training

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    Predictions from Grandmother Vanga (Bulgarian Clairvoyant)

    This is pieced together and paraphrased from elsewhere. - pj Bulgarian Clairvoyant Vanga was born in the village of Strumica at the foot of a mountain range in what was the Ottoman Empire. She is believed to have lost her eyesight during storm when she was picked up in a fierce gust of wind...
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    RV Demos! White boards and cameras and protocol, oh my!

    Demos! Demos! RV Demos! :D ;D :) :o ;D :D When I finally got the forum portal restored recently (for the links at the side) I added a plugin that'll make any youtube video link into an embedded media player. I mentioned it in passing once a week or two ago but I wanted to post some videos and...
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    US Air Force and Dowsing Sean Mahoney posted this interesting link on Facebook I thought TKR folks might like. PJ
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    TKR New Stuff -- and Notes

    Alrighty then! Sorry the bleeping forum was offline so long!! The server 'upgrade' (not something I volunteered for) killed the forum paths, the button to 'fix it' in the software broke it utterly so I couldn't even get to admin, the update and reinstall form wouldn't work at all, and then the...
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    Webinar Agenda for APP:

    Skip, Greg, Joe, James, Dean, Marty: $70 is the webinar fee for the combined six 90 minute presentations. I'm told they will have them online after. Hopefully not immediately after or it makes paying for them rather pointless. Especially since they happen during the day when most people who...
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    Remote View This! -- TKR Offside Viewer Club

    Hi viewers, You see what all the offshore people emailing me about the dojo's sandbox security errors locking them out has done. I've felt such guilt over server side errors going on, plus me for so long not having enough time to do so many things needed, I finally decided to go 'around' it all...
  18. PJ

    Russell Targ vs. Wikipedia

    Russell Targ takes on Wikipedia for its editors' bias and interference in his bio. * Nearly everyone in 'parapsychology' no matter how credentialed or legitimate has a wiki page filled with insult and derision...
  19. PJ

    Remote Viewing in Fiction I had never heard of the books above until now. Anybody read them?
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    MOVED: Laid off from work today. Any RV'ers wanna tell me where I can find a job?

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