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  1. RedCairo

    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    Glyn I saw this ref the other day. Jane Roberts as Seth is one of my favorite writers for all things esoteric. (Steinbrecher felt that Seth was Jane's 3rd House guide, which I would call an Aeon in my own life.) Now I'm going to have to dig up that book and read it just to see what he said...
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    California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom

    This is one of those topics -- along with most 'physical' things such as palmistry -- that I so wish someone with funding would finally do some science on. It could be worked out to actually measure these results for 'water witching' which has been done since the dawn of time and has an obvious...
  3. RedCairo

    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    I see the facebook thread finally picked up. We are also discussing this topic there, for those interested:
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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    Glyn and I have been having a monster-long email conversation about ARV and specifically, Dunne's Future Memory (FM) theory. She holds to it more than I do. I think it's valid, just not 100% of what's possible as a data source. I've long said that viewers "view to validation." And that...
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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    Yep that's it -- you're not alone in seeing that, I've been talking about that for probably 20+ years. I did a quick search on my meditation blog (though it doesn't have a ton of RV stuff on it, only some) and found a post from 2013 where I'd written this: This is one reason the 'drop the pen'...
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    Hello everybody..yes im new.. but I have a question.

    Some people just don't sketch very naturally. Some people can write pages of text content as an alternative. Sketching usually follows some degree of AI, which stands for 'aesthetic impression', and represents a certain degree/type of target contact. You don't need to force it; just pay...
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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    Oh look at that! Thanks tbone. Cool! I hope we get a lot more data about Ganymede. Since that time when I had that view and wrote that blog post, my internal cosmology has expanded a great deal, so I'm no longer surprised by a moon or planet seeming like an identity. It was pretty novel an idea...
  8. RedCairo March Contest This website builder has gone to some lengths to remain anonymous, from the anon domain reg to the code, to using crypto which is also anon. Is anybody aware of the 'group of viewers' promoting this? Separate from that: aware of 'the judges' or their criteria? It's...
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    Hello to everyone!

    You will find a lot of good information at Daz Smith's site
  10. RedCairo

    Real-life Inception as scientists figure out how to plant ideas in dreams

    Well that's interesting. Although I prefer the idea of getting more consistently lucid and using my own ideas. :-)
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    A New Remote Viewing Database For Weird Targets

    Update: I removed my ad-blocker and tried again. So it took me to the complete screen. I clicked 'complete.' Then I clicked 'redo' and it took me to the screen with the numbers. I clicked the next one, and then I clicked 'check.' That appeared to give the 'tasking context' which in this kind of...
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    A New Remote Viewing Database For Weird Targets

    Alright. I registered as redcairo. Maybe I'm too sleepy but I could not figure out how to use it properly. I did go through several links into courses and then coordinates. The sentence about typing -- I wasn't even sure what it meant or where to type. (Could use rewording.) I just wanted to...
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    Wasp Control.Not a joke.

    You might like 'behaving as if the God in all life matters' and 'the Perelandra workbook' by Michaelle Small Wright
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    Hello, i need help.

    It varies by where you are in the session. It varies by the degree of target contact you have which varies both by session and by where you are in it. It can vary by the route the energy is taking through your nervous system, for example for some people sound comes through more strongly when...
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    The Mandela Effect

    Who changed it? I assume only the person who started the thread would be able to. I assume I can. Never tried that actually :) will now. edit: Looks like it worked.
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    Keeping Hold of The Visual Imagery?

    Yes, it's true that imagery is often incorrect. But that is in part because we are a visual culture and we tend to identify it and label it rather than describe it. We are so used to the labels that when you do exercises such as to describe every object around you in a room, I at least found I...
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    Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    I've run into a lot of overlap between metaphysics and viewing, usually by accident, but especially with the chakras. Thanks for the reference Elfrino. We do tend to get a lot of 'wild and wooly' in the RV field of things that aren't much related (except by being "woo" it seems), but when one...
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    Target pool

    Your enthusiasm is appreciated but this would be better taken up in a facebook group Mark. Most viewers won't view for people they don't know, nor care to be ranked publicly. I might add that re: the forum lack of activity? -- you're about five years late. ;-) PJ
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    Thanks jrb, I used to have this but haven't seen it in a long time. I forgot daz would surely have it on his site.