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  1. Omega

    Incentive !

    Hi ! This is just an incentive for those that are chasing the $$$$$... Yes, it can be done and has been done. I got the Winner of the 2016 and 2018 Melbourne Cup ( Holidays in 2017 ) This horse came from dead last ! to win the race...I had to watch the race a second time to make what I was...
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    RV Unit Perth

  3. Omega

    What the.......??

    A Call to Arms people !
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    Workshop to....

  5. Omega

    Interesting Target

    Hi, Would like to have any budding Rv'ers tackle the project I have. There are others who have submitted, I am looking at trying to collect as much info on this, without giving too much away until the appropriate time. TRN's are 1761/4482 Rick
  6. Omega

    Remote Viewing Unit - Secret Files
  7. Omega

    IRVA 2015

    So, New Orleans for the IRVA Conf. Sounds interesting!
  8. Omega

    RVU Training 2015

    Remote Viewing Unit Training 2015 January 15th - 18th 2015
  9. Omega

    Face to Face !

    Hi all, Yes you have a golden opportunity here to go one on one with experienced Rv'ers at a London meet up in December. Meet the people behind these words and sessions you read ! This is a prime time to get to know these people, face to face, and talk RV Discuss your fav topic/session...
  10. Omega

    The Giver

    Wow ! Watch the new movie The Giver, as a great intro for newbie Rv'ers. It can give them an idea of how things are experienced and how we can express these experiences, all of which are vital to RV...So go and experience things!
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    Uri Geller...Spy !

    At last ..out of the cold and into a warm room! :)
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    Joe Takes over !

    Interesting stuff this. Skip is retiring and Joe takes over ! Rick
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    Remote Viewing Unit

    Greetings all, Remote Viewing Unit latest video Rick
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    Here is something from Skeptiko for those into ARV and money !! Rick
  15. Omega

    Who Do YOU tell. . . ??

    Hi all, Just curious really, as we have taken this path to be Remote Viewers, a hobby a calling or whatever, how many you stand tall and tell people what YOU do a hobby for example ?...when asked of course. Or do you bow your head, look to the left and go all coy then say things like "...
  16. Omega

    What do you see..?

    Hi all, Something I have been meeaning to post here for sometime now. So what do you see ( if anything ) when you lay down and close your eyes ? I do not mean recalling dreams or when you suddenly wake up some hours later, I am interested in what you see when you lay your head down in the...
  17. Omega

    Remote Viewing Unit ....PreCog Experiment

    The RVU Remote Viewing Unit is creating a ‘Precognitive Out Bounder Experiment’. Six different locations around the Perth area will be selected as possible locations. Names and descriptions of the areas will be put in numbered envelopes. The remote viewers are asked to do a...
  18. Omega

    Remote Viewing Unit hit Los Angeles !

    Greetings all, Yes it's true, the Remote Viewing Unit team will hit Los Angeles next Wednesday morning November 11th Mission: Information gathering Purpose: Student education Location: Westwood We will be in and around the area for a while then we will head south. Back on the 19th November...
  19. Omega

    Advanced RV Tapes

    Greetings all, Had a phone call from someone trying to obtain the Advanced Tapes that Psi tech were or are putting out. I had to inform him that I did not know if that company was still up and running. He said that he could not obtain any information on how to get the Advanced set of VHS...
  20. Omega

    TRV DISCUSSION - questions, comments, thoughts...

    Knock....Knock !........hello ! ::) So let me get it right !...this thread is only for discussion about CRV, no matter the trainer or school....right ? Hmmm well that really does not leave a lot, does it now?.....3 or 4 schools ? What about the others that were a derivation of CRV ? regards...