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    Biohacks to strengthen RV

    This looks like a much better alternative to the Zeo unless you want to do sleep monitoring:
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    If RVing numbers is so tough, why do we use them for tasking ID??? A bit of googling pulled this up. I believe Don is essentially correct. It seems the other sensory nerves don't have a similar connection to the limbic system. The limbic system and the olfactory cortex predate the...
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    Predictive Project TRIAL RUN

    Well, the problem I see with choosing the highest impact news event is the particular case in which the highest impact news event tasked at month's end happens to have begun or had it's causative roots earlier in the month before precog sessions are submitted. The example I will use is this...
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    Predictive Project TRIAL RUN

    May I suggest an alternate protocol. :) At a set date in the future, go to a news site like this one: Get the first n articles and number them accordingly from 1 to n. The value of n must be selected before-hand. Go to and...
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    Your Personal Method

    Mycroft, I think there are some interesting parallels between the psi "methods of response" Rhea White described and what you have written above. Here is one quote that seems relevant: "[...]As long as we are conscious, we cannot get rid of conscious attention; but we canget it off the desired...
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    Two ARV Winning Transcripts for Kentucky Derby

    Hi Marty, thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely check out your site. PRECOG10 looks very useful.
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    Two ARV Winning Transcripts for Kentucky Derby

    Hi simpelmanz, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear more about what you do. Thanks.
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    New Remote Viewing Article in Telegraph Newspaper

    I agree with Marv re: Mycroft's post. Making dark and threatening mutterings about how Waters deserves to be RIed to gain weight and wet her pants, while at the same time confusing her gender and overlooking her name, strikes me as thuggish and irrational. The article is not bad and the...
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    learning rv with english(not motherlanguage)

    I think it would be best to RV in estonian. There is nothing special about remote viewing in english.
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    "Fear of PSI"

    It is very difficult to develop psi in such a hostile cultural climate, where it ridiculed and mocked everywhere. People fear stepping away from the crowd. Social ostracization is the reason why most people never develop or express an interest in psi. Talking about it in public can be a risk...
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    Chat Transcript Related Questions

    Fuzzy set analysis(along with figures of merit) for RV is described in "An Application Oriented RV Applications Experiment". From Daz's site - the first 45 pages or so in the pdf file. (right click to save) And, also another...
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    Remote Viewing a Mars Anomaly - NEW VIDEO

    This really is an awesome video! I found it to be very engrossing and absorbing to watch.
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    Edb was right. It is a prank, nothing more. And it contains many, many clues as to such. Hint: check the references in the study. Still think its a serious study? ;)
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    That MIT "study" was written with tongue planted firmly in cheek...
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    Reflections on the Gary Langford 2009 Expo event

    A 500 page report may not necessarily be 500 pages of data. Gary did say that he would only write a full report if the client wanted a professional report to share with policy/decision makers, partners, etc. Because of the giggle factor the client wouldn't want others to know it came from...
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    Re: Remote Influence Yourself From the Future time of feedback?

    Lately, I have made a point to spend more time at feedback. The quality and consistency of my viewing seems to have improved as a result, but it is too early to draw conclusions. I think the importance of feedback is in its important role in the learning process. That is, at feedback I analyze...
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    Can Anyone Recommend a Good ARV Book/Course?

    Alex, interesting stuff here. I am wondering if you run into issues with displacement at all, and if so, do you mind sharing how you dealt with it?
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    How smart is your right foot?

    I can do this. But the first few times my foot "stumbled" just a bit.
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    Must all RV data be from the viewer's experience?

    I think you've hit it dead on with this and one of your earlier points that communication is one of the major problems. Something that has always bothered me is that pen and paper data collection can be really far removed from what the psychic actually experiences... the error in translation is...