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    Sadly, I'm posting about the loss of a TKR member who was enjoyed by many here and my dear friend Larry/wojo's death. He died after a difficult illness today June 9th. I was in constant contact with him during his illness and an hour before his end of life. He knew he was dying and he had the...
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    A fellow TKR member needs your immediate help ~

    I thought posting this appeal in this section best as it would likely get maximum exposure compared to posting in the "Off topic/humor Lizard Lounge section. Those who are most likely to help would already have an interest or skills within the topics offered in this section and would therefore...
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    Tania’s Stuff & esoteric riddles/ramblings & ???

    (prior to Quiss's posting) I’ve set up this thread to get the clutter/confusion away from the other threads on the board so we might continue on without the ongoing situation that seems to be building. The main threads involved bringing things to this point are...
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    Re: RV and Money Markets

    If this gambling/money making keeps up, PJ will soon have the distiction of having the very first 'ALL RV METHODS 12 STEP PROGRAM' on site & paid for of course, from all the winnings!
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    Re: State of RV Community

    Seems to me you just created a 'target(s)' to be viewed! Why not give it a shot? ;)
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    Going to the Monroe Institute

    Last night I pulled up the Monroe Institute site to check the upcoming events and courses. I saw that in October, they are having one on Remote Viewing which is a new course addition for them, however, a prerequisite course is required - the Gateway Voyage. I've sent for the information...
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    Past lives

    I was just reading the RUINS FOUND IN ANTARCTICA thread and Joe_B asked Tunde about his past life. Tunde made a brief comment but didn't want to 'hijack' the thread and suggested another thread be made for such a discussion. I thought it would be fun.... interesting to see what we have 'found...
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    Re: Operational Tasking Request

    What's the time line? Due to you no later than what?
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    SKYPE contact listings

    This topic has been moved to Lizard's Lounge: Off Topic & Humor by PJ.
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    RV session/data analysis

    I've been searching the net for a long time tonigh looking for information on remote viewing analysis, or training remote viewing analysts, or remote viewing data analysis and it was tuff going. I finally found something about 'the Pear Experiment' and went to the article and found this...
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    Visual tool to relax mind for RV'ing

    I often feel like doing a target session while sitting at the computer, but don't feel like moving to another spot. While at the computer, I'm often engaged in something that has my minds full focus on what I'm doing there. I started playing around with an idea and have found it very useful...
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    McMoneagle/Mishlove on WWW Zoie Films

    I just received this idea if the clips work or are even worth watching...whomever tries this, let us know! UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES      Premontions      The Psychic Truth: Watch Clip w Parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove & Remote Viewer, J.McMoneagle   ...
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    TKR message board prize/award

    Doing the happy dance cuz I just hit 1000 (freakin OMG) posts and was in the midst of wondering what my 'prize' might be ....but then got this error message: so.............does this mean there is NO prize after all? be nice ;)
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    Read my mind

    complete article----->
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    File finder software

    Once upon a time, I had a 'file find'.exe option on Windows. Where it went is anyones guess...this would be a Bill Gates question. I really need a good file finder. I've downloaded and tried a few but so far, not what I'm looking for. I want simple...don't need a million bells and whistles...
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    Post updatings

    This is not a big deal. I've noticed this quite a few times lately and only wanted to bring it to attention in case it matters on your (TKR) end. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. 03/10/05 at 09:03:45 Tarot and RVing blu 3 92 08/21/04 at 10:08:50 by Harmony People whispering...
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    WHY do we want to be Remote Viewers?

    I mentioned being in a quiet time since returning from the Rhine workshop. Yesterday, a little concept bubbled through to my awareness that I figure is part of my 'retreating' a bit. I recall Joe saying that after his 30 years of intense training and daily viewing practice and all else that he...
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    Missing Children Ongoing Projects

    From: ProPredict Message 1 in Discussion PLEASE VOTE IN OUR EPOLL TO FIND A MISSING KID - Jessica050223 Jessica Lunsford, 9, missing 2/23/05 POSTER In the groups listed below, there are four quick epolls for...
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    Questions for Joe McMoneagle to be posted here

    At PJ's request, I'm setting up a special QUESTIONS ONLY section for Joe McMoneagle to possibly review and answer. The hope is that PJ is going to try to have him spend a little time on the TKR boards or better yet, set up a private TKR chat with him where he can address our questions in person...
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    Re: Please Help

    Would you be comfortable posting a few of your concerns on the boards? There are many people here at all levels of knowledge about RV and other psychic aspects. Part of what we do here is learn. By your posting here and allowing us to respond, hopefully we can provide help for you as well as...