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  1. PJ

    RV: Madeline McCann

    This is one of those threads that make me realize I mostly missed a few years of forum activity and was probably saner for it. ;-) I think it's especially tough when multiple countries are involved in these things. I am likely to trust the local authorities more than outsiders especially if...
  2. PJ

    Predicting Public Events

    Thanks Fernat. It's actually been falling for a long time, although a bit faster lately. I actually do expect it to eventually come up. But I'm an optimist. :-)
  3. PJ

    Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment

    I don't know anything about it personally, but nearly anything that's happened from 2003-~2010 (maybe later) has a thread here somewhere. I searched 'wheaton photo forehead' in the forum (top right 'search') and got this thread...
  4. PJ

    KARV Poll: Churchill Downs Race 8 on 5/5/18

    It says the poll closes today at 7:23. Was that intentional to do the betting early? Wasn't sure if it was an error given your comment above. The polling seems pretty limited in this s/w but there may be better add-ons, or we may be able to get one made. PJ
  5. PJ

    Predicting Public Events

    Years ago, I made this website called 'Predict This' with the idea that people could use RV to predict public events like election and trial outcomes, things like that. Daz helped me with a nifty title for it. I never opened it publicly though, because at the time, my health was crashing, I had...
  6. PJ

    40+ weeks ARV Forex predictions and live Forex signals demonstration

    If I'm reading that right it is currently in the black though, yes? All these things are EXPERIMENTS. Results are all just "information" -- which is a good thing, no matter what the result. It provides you feedback on what you're doing! Of course if it's your money I'm sure the outcome seems a...
  7. PJ

    Definition of the word blind in remote viewing.

    Great question! It depends on the quantity. Scientifically there is a quantity a pool must have for statistical reference (whether or not the viewer knows the targets) but I don't know what the number is off the top of my head. Over 300 I think. PJ
  8. PJ

    Holistic Abundance -- mind, body, soul and finances

    Clearly, I'm a year late, as by the time I show up the link doesn't work anymore! >:( Oops. Sorry. I hope you're doing well Plodder, whatever it is you're doing nowdays. :) PJ
  9. PJ

    Dick and Glen on RI

    I suggest visiting their website hrvg.org - they have a forum, more active, you could join. There's been quite a few threads here with both dick and glenn (as themselves and others lol) over the years if you search the archives, some even on this retroPK topic. PJ
  10. PJ

    Mandela Effect

    I have a friend who is really "into" this particular study (the mandala effect). (Unrelated -- Hi Mycroft, bit late to the party here I know!) For people who are really tracking this, the interesting thing is that it becomes not just an issue of "I think I remember it like so." It becomes an...
  11. PJ

    MOVED: Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners

    This topic has been moved to Psi/RV General, Media, Research, Miscellany. http://www.dojopsi.info/forum/index.php?topic=9822.0
  12. PJ

    Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners

    Howdy! This is not actually the section, I'll move it up to media/etc. Nice intro, good letter. This kind of thing is important for viewers I think, and sometimes difficult to come by, if you don't come in through some commercial doorway that links to lots of others. I would focus less on...
  13. PJ

    Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility

    Thanks to mscir - aka Mike -- we have an easy, clean little online utility that anybody can use for a little practice. Feel welcome to put questions or feedback here if you have any. https://dojopsi.info/id-drills/ I am so grateful to people like Mike, and Daz, and others who put their own...
  14. PJ

    Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding

    I can't even remember if I've read that. But... Speaking of reading, I totally forgot about Win Wenger's site. He's got a book a friend sent me as a gift that I can't wait to read though! It looks really interesting. It uses the term "psychegenic" though I have no idea how that might relate...
  15. PJ

    Definition of the word blind in remote viewing.

    I thought maybe I should point out that Gene and I are close friends, in case anyone else from Oklahoma saw his quip and thought he was being mean. He was just teasing me. ;D I use "fully blind" or "double-blind" or "solo-blind" to mean "zero information about THE TARGET." I use the term...
  16. PJ

    The work of consciousness researcher Stanislas Dehaene

    Can't do it. Far as I know. There is no way to know when psi data is obtained, assuming it even 'comes in' or 'from' somewhere-else in the first place. Dr. May had a SQUID lined up, a deep brain look. But the data for viewing can come at any time and the viewers reported it often coming at...
  17. PJ

    Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding

    LOL!! I didn't actually mean magically... :-) Just 'taken out of circulation'... :-) That's way more fun though. ;D PJ
  18. PJ

    Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding

    In the late 1980s I moved to Los Angeles to be a rock star. No really, I moved there to apply at a karate dojo I greatly respected in Redondo Beach, and to join or form a rock band with my original music. That was all. But it sounds funnier the first way. I petitioned for membership in the...
  19. PJ

    Definition of the word blind in remote viewing.

    The 'double' in double-blind is not making the TASKER blind. The tasker is the tasker. They are the ones with the "psychic intent." They are not blind, de-facto. If you mean "the monitor, controller, person providing the task number," then that could be it. Sometimes people loosely say tasker...
  20. PJ

    Definition of the word blind in remote viewing.

    Howdy Slorri, I rather feel like you have put far too much in the basket of #3 on that list, or rather, that this number alone sums up 99.9% of all the viewing done now or ever. #4 is your reason for reaching out on the point to begin with I expect. This an issue in the layman's field, where...