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    when i realized i was dreaming i was flying then i felt dizzy and fell to t

    to the a leaf and fell under the fridge i felt the fridge on top off my legs. iv never had anything like that before what was it.
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    i seem to have xray eyes

    it alwasy happens in the dark when im trying to relax i can see past my eye lids i can onley see my room
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    i can creat a dream state when im meditating

    but i carnt enter them its like moving pictures. any one have any tips
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    any one whant to try another dream link

    after the success off the last dreamlink i whant to try another one if you are interested post hear.
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    iv been having psi dreams about freand i no a close freand who movied to

    newcastle to get married i thought at the time it was odd of her to do it so about year later iv been having strong feellings for her and psi dreams about hear and about 5 years later iv just today found her on facebook how strange is that
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    how do i focus on naming a target

    im getting close to the targets i can get whats going on at the sites just struggle to name the objects and persons at the site
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    i keep getting triangles on animail targets

    on animal targets what dose that meen dose it meen animals or moving targets
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    what do you look for on a mobile targets

    like thoughts and feelings
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    i need to pratice on real targets

    ill do it for free if your interested pm me ill do a web site at some point. iv been getting better just lately ill have too type it in as iv lost my scanner disc, as im using a new computer
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    how to do bio location

    iv been intrested to do bio location but i carnt finde any info on it do you have any methods
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    can i have a task number please

    i whant an rv challenge i donte have a scaner on me iv lost the disc so i wil l have to type it up
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    this saturday RI Exercise

    lets try to sort out the liverpool fc problem two board owners are fighting each over over ownership what we whant them to do, is sell liverpoolfc to dic thats dubai international spend 2 hours on saturday focusing on the owners off liverpoolfc to sell up use what ever method you use aslong...
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    my dreams keep going back to some one i no

    its realy strong this person i no have left and gone to live in newcastle but the dreams i have off her is she is almoste next to me in it. its that dream is strong if any body can rv for me my dream its almoste like shes communacting with me.
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    RI Experiment  dream linking  

    any body up for it any method will do
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    how do i remote influences  

    i did a bit off rv last night when i described what i saw the images changed and my vision rotated, is that remote veiwing. i also whant to learn and try remote influence is there any free web sites. thanks