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    CRV Stage 1 - IDEOGRAM tools.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry peeps..

    I'm ready.
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    New Year new targets - ready everyone?

    I am ready.
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    CRV mentoring NOV 2015

    Thank you again for organizing these practice targets. Let's restart in 2016. :)
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    CRV practice - Due April 4th 2015 - 1803-3311

    Maybe we can RV the location of proof or evidence of their presence.
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    Do you use Mind Maps?

    I have used mind mapping at work and brainstorming projects but not for Remote Viewing. I'm still polishing up and improving my S3's before I'll start using mindmaps on S5.
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    Is mental image DATA or dismissed as AOL?

    During sessions I usually dismiss these mental images as analytics overlay or AOL. Are these mental images useful data or AOL?
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    First CRV practice target for 2015 - due 31/1/2015

    Jax, You may want to read this to review the process and understand CRV. http://www.remoteviewed.com/open%20source_v3.0.pdf After you've completed your session scan all the pages and save them as PDF. Then email the PDF's to Daz. Hope this helps you.
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    As its December...

    Thank you Daz for all the feedback and lessons. I'll be catching up with my Kindle readings and 8 Martinis this December holidays. :D
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    Debra Katz's sessions convince radio host to learn RV!

    Thanks for sharing Jon. :) Do you have more sketches of her session?
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    CRV practice target - due Nov 15 2014

    Sorted my scanner. Emailed my session.
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    Next CRV Practice target - Due 17 Oct 2014

    Hi Daz, Emailed my session. Thanks
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    Next CRV Practice target - Due 17 Oct 2014

    Daz, Is it possible to spread out a CRV session within 2 to 3 days? Like focus on S1 to S2 on the first day S3 to S4 on the 2nd day. Or is it better to have 30 minutes to 1hour breaks in between?
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    Next CRV mentoring target - Due July 11th 2014

    done & sent to nethed
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    CRV practice target DUE APRIL 27, 2014

    Sent my session.
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    Target 9 - first of 2013 - due Jan 28, 2013

    Thank you Daz for the feedback. Will be going further next target.
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    Target 9 - first of 2013 - due Jan 28, 2013

    I emailed my first attempt(Stage 1) earlier today.