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    Remote Viewing The Next President of the USA

    Data published Jan 2011 by ACH. So far the only known rv session online predicting the outcome of the forthcoming election. Completed in January of 2011, this data shows what I now believe to be a highly symbolic sketch of our next President...
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    Coast to Coast - Dames on Mars (again) NSA
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    Roswell Whistle Blower.... There were TWO crashes NSA
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    Is there a large pyramid underground between Mt McKinley and Nome, Alaska ?

    Fans of the Pat Price/Skip Atwater Underground UFO bases project might find this interesting : NSA
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    General Stubblebine :The Whole Northern Hemisphere is in grave danger!

    U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable Mac Slavo May 25th, 2012 Comments (394) Read by 38,803 people You may have entertained the idea of an improbable civilization ending events such as a ‘global killer’...
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    Lance/Katz Warcollier Prize RV Project - intro demo

    Short presentation demo recently presented at the IRVA conference. NSA
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    strange hole discovered - underground base Would make a great target ;D NSA
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    Anyone want to put their money where their RV is ? ;D NSA
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    CRV website TXCEPTION

    New Professional CRV website on the loose specializes in the use of Remote Viewing professionals to transfer technology from the state of nature using Remote Viewing (CRV) NSA
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    PRINCESS KAORU NAKAMARU of Japan - warns of elite preparing for doomsday 2012

    I wonder if she got most of her info from the powerful people she has interveiwed and met over the years as shown in the clip The three days of darkness could be due to volcanic eruptions which wiped out the dino's ? The list of countries she...
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    CRVers discover "Millenium Falcon" in Baltic Sea ? NSA
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    1940 Gateshead Close Encounter - Robert Hall Fascinating story. Oh and Merry Christmas ;D NSA
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    The Greatest Story Ever Denied - Full Video NSA
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    Jeff Willes UFO footage

    The amazing footage of Jeff Willes (Personally I suspect these are US Millitary craft due to the location a majority of the footage was shot) NSA
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    PHOBOS - Whats happening ?

    You know its very weird, many predicted this rocket would malfunction before reaching its destination due to rumours Phobos maybe an artificial object. It appears anything from Earth going near that 'rock' always ends up destroyed for one reason or another...
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    Farsight Remote Veiwing Jesus and The SETH material

    Everyone knows the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was supposedly betrayed by Judas Iscariot, sentenced by Pontius Pilate, tortured, and then executed by being nailed to a cross. Now enter Seth. Seth is a nonphysical person who was channeled by Jane Roberts beginning in the 1960s until...
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    The Peter Hurkos Story

    Before there was Ingo, Joe, Geller, Ireland or Price there was....Peter Hurkos. Grab a cup of coffee sit back and marvel NSA
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    1976 Documentary on Psychic Phenomenon 1/8

    Ah the good old days - features Legends such as jean Dixon, Uri Geller and Peter Hurko
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    NSA Release UFO docs via FOIA
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    Ed Dames on TKR

    I see Major Ed Dames is still taking pot shots at TRK ::) LearnRV, and stop screwing around with your (problematically and/or relatively short, as I now see it) life. Indeed, I can handle only so much naievete -- much less, ignorance. Verily, you're already out of time, sweetheart, and as...