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    Remote Viewing UFOS and the Visitors - New book

    Remote Viewing UFOS and the VISITORS Where do they come from? What are they? Who are they? Why are they here? by Tunde Atunrase Foreword by Paul H. Smith Ph.D "I admire the lengths and considerable expense gone to in developing the content of this book. Without the author's determination...
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    National Geo - Psychic Gold Hunt - Remote Viewing

    A few of the old school viewers will probably remember John Vivanco who worked with Pru Calabrese at TDS. Here he is trying to find Gold in this Nat Geo documentary. The full 45 min video is available for US viewers only on YouTube...
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    Anomalies - Sandra Hilleard

    I read this in one go and that's saying a lot as I'm a terribly slow reader who gets bored pretty easily but this one had me hooked all the way through. Couldn't put it down even for a second. 8) Enjoy T
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    Strange Newspaper cover art depicting UFO armada in 1910

    Check out this 1910 cover art for an edition of The Chicago Ledger depicting what can only be described as an armada of flying saucers heading for Earth. Were UFOs popular back in 1910? The front cover brings to light a very remarkable piece of artwork done by newspaper artist William Molt in...
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    Brian O'leary - NASA Astronaut on ET's

    NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle On UFOs -
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    The Hidden Hand - Full Documentary

    Also features Lyn Buchanan Enjoy T
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    New UK film from BEAMS showing UFOs and ETs

    Probably the most shocking footage of UFOs I've ever seen - Extraordinary film and photos of alleged ETs and their craft. Hopefully its not just another hoax but so far it looks very interesting indeed
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    Psyscape Youtube Video Archive

    An excellent collection of RV related videos
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    The Secret Life Of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy Full doc on Youtube T
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    Electromagnetic Radiation - Danger or Myth?

    In light of recent comments about the dangers of EMR and how it affects so folk here I've started a new thread here were we can debate, share info, experiences and advice freely. I really did not take much notice of the levels of EMR we are exposed to so did a bit of homework and even bought a...
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    Alexey Savin - Russia and New Cosmology

    Decided to look up this Alexey savin guy quoted In the recent pravda article doing the rounds about Russian scientists allegedly making contact with Extraterrestrials and found this site. Alexey Yu. Savin was born in 1946 in Moscow in the military family. In the Armed...
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    POLL - Is the Climate Change Project a TRIPLE blind RV project?

    Never seen a project generate so much debate over Protocol so please vote to have your say and feel free to Add your reasons why you voted the way you did. ;D T
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    Psychic Archeology - The Alexandria Project Video

    The Alexandria Project Video - T
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    Courtney Brown on Remote Veiwing Atlantis See also recent radio interview - T
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    Targ Confirms ARV casino winnings by Ed Dames students in his book

    Still reading Russell Targs new book The Reality of ESP and he confirms he did indeed receive winning sports bet slips from Alex Dichiara and Joe Bush's group totaling over $100,000.00 !!! He also goes indepth into the truth behind the famous ARV stock market December silver trials and how the...
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    Robert M Knight and the long awaited Ingo Swann Documentary

    Coast to Coast show featuring Rock Star Photographer Robert M Knight and Angela Thompson Smith PhD. Great show which I somehow missed 8) T
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    Your Favorite Remote Viewing Book - VOTE

    I'm interested in finding out what are your TOP THREE RV books of all time. Picking one is hard so you have the option to vote for at least 3 books of your choice from the list. If your favorite book is not listed feel free to comment in the thread and share your own thoughts. As you can see...
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    Tracking The Soul to the Afterlife - Full Documentary

    From an episode of Through The Wormhole - Has science traced the source of the Soul ? T
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    Close Encounters - The true story (documentary)

    Interesting new documentary - However they completely MISSED or IGNORED one of the key features in speilbergs iconic movie - Guess which aspect that was? ;D Its almost like no one was prepared to acknowledge ETs, assuming they exist, MIGHT just communicate using telepathy or have a PSI element...
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    2011 Joe McMoneagle Interview Enjoy, Tunde ps - Interesting comments concerning the search for Osama Bin Laden 8)