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    Remote Influencing A Scammer To return My Money

    Call the police now!!!!
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    German Scientists Will Pay You 10,000 Euros if You Can Prove That You Have Superpowers

    That's only 10% of what James Randi was offering some years ago...... the price is going down.....
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    A Paved Road to Learning & Improving RV Skills?

    In Portugal there is forum called "PortugalParanormal", there there are people that scam other people by attracting them to skype paid consults. If you have legit comercial intentions, you should contact the owner of this forum and ask for her authorization.
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    We are looking to hire Remote Viewers and need your feedback.

    He's running a business and I do not know if he is legit or not. But if you really want to find him, you need to google the former designation of his facebook site: "TROIKARV". And if you can't do a basic internet search... them if he is really running a scam ... you really are going to get...
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    Third Eye Spies

    Hi.... I've just watched the second video you posted on this topic, and I have one major problem. - RV is a way to operationalize extra-sensorial abilities, a switch to make then work towards a specif goal, get information on a specif target. - But different people have diferent abilities... and...
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    how many ?

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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    soulchariot and others that are making a storm in a glass of water. Take it easy... every person has their way of viewing, you can go the technical way... and there are many books about it, many free online... but you can also do it by instinct. Just look at the coordinate and imagine that it...
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    RV: Madeline McCann

    Let's be real. Algarve is the most popular vacation destination for Scotland Yard agents.... they want to return so much that they keep finding new clues each year to return next year. It's 2018 and they are going to return next year... But guess what??? Everyone in Portugal knows that...
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    Source and origin

    If it's from the view point of the tasker... then it will only mater if the viewer is also o little bit telepathic and gets informations from the mind of the tasker... and even then the language will not be that important... just look at this site and the many international participants. For...
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    Parapsychologists Seeking subjects in Bay Area for New Psi Study

    This is just ridiculous :'( It's ridiculous that a Foundation from my own country finances parapsychology research all over the world and does nothing in Portugal. In Portugal there is zero research in to this subject! ZERO!!! Here a Parapsychologist is a person that puts an ad on a magazine...
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    What is the situation with remote viewing internationally?

    In Portugal we have zero interess and zero research in any type of extra sensorial research... and of course zero RV. We do have a Foundation (Fundação Bial) that sponsers research in parapsychology... but all the grants they give go to researchers from other countries. The situation...
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    Films depicting RV

    That is why I didn't even thought of touching the "Maddie thing "... I'm not that good any way but if by one in a million chance I got something concrete .... I have too many relatives in the area ... I would never put them at risk. Then in 2012 I was tricked in to viewing it >:( ... in a dojo...
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    This is not a very scientific survey... is it? You have a question about speaking to dead people... ::) :o >:(
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    Remote View This! -- TKR Offside Viewer Club

    I'm also in :) I've just sent you a membership request. ;D
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    Learning about RV in countries where English is not the primary language

    Jon K, I'm portuguese and there isn't any type of RV research in Portugal. And I mean absolutely nothing.
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    Courtney Brown's "Big Announcement"

    In portuguese we have an expression for what happened with this "Big Announcement" "A montanha pariu um rato." The problem is the translation to english. This is the literal translation: - A mountain gave birth to a mouse Don't know of any english expression with the same meaning.
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    Remote Viewing in Fiction

    This a 100% free and legal book trilogy called: "Queens Own FBI" 1st book - Brain Twister by Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer ------------ 2nd book - The Impossibles by Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer --------------------...
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    Missing Malaysia flight a mystery

    Well... the way you talk. I hope to see your name on the viewers list for tonight's mission. ----------------------- And about that ( and Daz is going to kill me now :'( ) Courtney Brown as just said on his facebook page that he won't...
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    Courtney Brown's "Big Announcement"

    tbone He does speak of advanced technology... and that give people ideas about aliens... But yes, you are right he does not speak specifically of aliens.
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    Courtney Brown's "Big Announcement"

    Daz 1st - I'm not questioning your ability as viewers... you sow the target... My question was about what the target really was and if it was the same that he show you later... my suspicion was about Courtney Brown, not about you. I hope you can understand that. 2nd - Could your prior...