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    HAPPY 2014 TO ALL

    Just wanted to wish everyone at TKR a happy 2014. I've had to curtail my RV activities of late (having three children in as many years will do that to you) and as such that's had a knock-on effect on my presence here at TKR. That's not to say that I don't still pop in, lurk, and generally keep...
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    Anyone up for a challenge?

    Just entered into communication with skeptic Jon Donnis. Seems a nice enough bloke and we've briefly discussed running a fun remote viewing experiment. No battle here…hoping for a fun exchange between some viewers and some skeptics and my perceptions of JD is that he'll run things fairly...
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    OLYMPIC ARV Attempt

    9819 0121 Sessions emailed to by 8th August please. Short sessions only focussing on sensories please. Prediction will be posted on August 8th in time for bets to be made Marv
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    TKR EURO 2012 Project

    Ok guys, the European Soccer Cup 2012 begins in a few weeks and I thought we might all have a go at predicting some results. As such I have prepared several targets for you all to view; I will collate and present the findings shortly before the start of the competition. Several years ago TKR...
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    Richard Wiseman has a use after all: :)
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    Inappropriate Spam

    Just an apology to anyone who has had their screens filled with any of the inappropriate spam material this past day or so; we try to erase and ban as soon as they come up but there may still be the odd few hours in between mods logging in where you may well encounter something that makes you go...
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    The Rise and Fall of Professor XXX

    I have just finished a comic novelette on Remote Viewing that some of you might enjoy: 'Having accidentally awakened his dormant psychic powers a young nerd and his huge friend Dave set about exploring the universe from the confines of their flat through the curious art of remote viewing. A...
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    Kendall Ghost Cool ;)
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    Leslie Kean - UFOS Fantastic book, best I've read on the subject. Great journalistic approach to the topic. Marv :)
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    TARGET 8220 1011

    Target for you all: 8220 1011 Missions are fun but here I would really like to see viewers uploading their FULL Sessions (eg the sheets you use to view on) etc so we can have a look at the actual processes / methods you all use. Use the facilities at the Dojo (eg enter Solo session) and...
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    Who wants to do some Remote Viewing?

    Ok so who wants to do some viewing? I know we've got some great viewers on these board who DON'T take part in the Missions. Fair enough. That aside, would anyone be up for taking on a little project right here on these boards? I will set up a separate thread, post a link to all sessions once...
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    Faster than the speed of light

    And all the remote viewers went 'duhhhh'.....I've been receiving RV data faster than the speed of light for years. Anyone else? ;D
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    Help Needed: Target to view

    A very good friend of mine has asked if I can help him with a problem which might well benefit from some remote viewing. This is a genuine real life project with instant feedback. It would be wonderful if some of you in the community could spare some time to do and send me a session. Sessions...
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    British UFO report
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    Underlying Mechanism behind Remote Viewing - Theories please

    I've been thinking lately about how Remote Viewing actually works and in particular the underlying physics behind it. Still yet to come to any real conclusions (let's face it, who has?) but I was wondering what you guys out there in the RV community have adopted as your 'pet' theory for how the...
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    Predictive Project - 2

    Co-ordinates are 9118 2121 Sessions in by April 10th please to
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    Spam problems

    Please bear with us while we attempt to tackle this hideous spam assault. >:(
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    Predictive Project TRIAL RUN

    8171 2122 Please describe the target. Feedback March 31st, all sessions emailed to
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    Uri Geller on British Comedy Panel Show

    Anyone see Uri Geller on 'Nine out of Ten Cats' on British TV tonight? Embarassing. Basically the show format has two teams of three B-list comedians and a quizmaster getting witty with it only for some reason tonight Uri is on. Just tried to bend spoons (his broke in half as a spoon tends to do...
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