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    signatures and ideograms

    Have you ever thought about a signature as an ideogram? I was searching this forum for any relevant thread but have not found anything. Handwriting as a manifestation of personality has been studied for ages but it would be interesting to consider it in the ideogram context e.g. probing it and...
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    A strange shiny mountain on Ceres

    I have found it interesting, but with JPL you never know....
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    Harald Kautz Vella's lecture

    I feel that this is important to share this impressive lecture ( brand new) with you :) The author is a hard core scientist, researcher and journalist. The lecture covers topics like artificial inteligence, morgellon disease, black goo but it goes far...
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    Remote viewing Cydonia, Mars

    I have just finished watching "Remote viewing Cydonia, Mars". To be frank, the previous post about Atlantis prompt me to look at the Farsight Institute website. I did not need too much encouragement as Mars has always been fascinating me. This is an excellent work, amazing details, no need to...
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    RV/dream connection

    Yesterday I was viewing practise targets one of which was Eureca Springs ( Arkansas) characteristic rock formation. I did not get the target, but I did get the site in a broader meaning. I was particularly attracted to the springs, fresh sweet water, waterfall, fish, wilderness and the natural...
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    Ukraine violence

    Hi, I have been watching RT news live and I am deeply moved by what's going on there. Did major Ed Dames make any predictions, comments about current situation in Ukraine? I am just wondering as he might be personally interested how the events were going to unfold.
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    Hi Everybody!

    I am new but I have been hanging around for the last 2 months. It's nice to be finally let in after 10 days of desperate knocking to the door (patience, patience, patience)..... Thanks! :)