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    Part of it can be reconstructed from my posts. (I didn't delete anything.) In a nutshell, Steppe alleged that he had found a way to break the target algorithm, and upon my request, he said he would show proof on Sunday. I haven't received anything from him this far, and now he's...
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    A serious ARV related question for the mathematici

    Re: A serious ARV related question for the mathema I'll jump in a bit later, after I've gotten enough sleep, because in my present state I am so sleep deprived I might end up face down on my keyboard; therefore I'm not sure explaining statistics is a good idea. I just want to let you know that...
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    demons real murder

    Yes, but the "demons" didn't come up over there.
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    Rv in real murder cases

    Re: Rv in real murder cases I don't have any problems with that and I have done my share of grim stuff. But I would not touch this specific target with a ten feet pole. (The reasons are all over this thread...)
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    demons real murder

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    Rv in real murder cases

    Re: Rv in real murder cases I'd rather she not. I for one don't want to do this sort of stuff on TKR. How do you know that's blocked, other than reading the book? You do a session, come up with info, ask Lyn - he'll be able to tell you "that's not correct" even if it is. (I generally trust...
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    What do you base that estimate on?
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    Hi Steppe, I haven't received it yet. *wonders about time zone differences*
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    If this is true, don't you think you should tell Radin? If you want to demonstrate, do it on Sunday (cause I'm not online for most of Saturday) and use the nickname you use here.
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    Uh, sorry folks. That ended up long-winded and preachy. But I should be studying for an exam so... I don't want to rewrite it. :(
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    I have contacted many remote viewers online, yes, what's the point? ;D No, seriously. Contacted by whom? You didn't specify. Remote viewers contact each other all the time, you just contacted me, too :P Do you mean some Oh So Shady Organization? Sorry, I have just bumped into online paranoia...
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    Courtney Browns New Book On Remote Viewing

    Scooter said he does task Joe with scientific questions (posed by their clients) so it'd definitely be taskable. As for the particulars... well right now I have to get down to VIEWING because the mission will close in an hour. ;D
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    Spoon Bending Links :)

    Now that TKR has a chat room, we can organise an online fork bending party and see for ourselves if it really works. ;D
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    Sorry for adding to the clutter, But I need help.

    Re: Sorry for adding to the clutter, But I need he If you believe in "all this 100%", you are bound to get sorely disappointed. Many of the figures in RV-land make outrageous but completely unfounded claims. As for the "how does everyone else RV" part, I suggest you go to
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    Re: Getting Paid to Do the Right Thing

    Well it can have two outcomes... 1. the police won't even talk to the multitudes of random 'psychics' that want to offer info on cases (and, frankly, they are right; if they ever need this sort of assistance they will find persons to do it, not random volunteers off the street.) 2. if they...
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    Psychic Detectives

    But this is the show's official website so if you contact them, they will probably be able to tell you whether it's currently on in Turkey and if yes then where.
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    UK remote viewing

    Just curious - how widely known remote viewing is in Turkey? Here in Hungary it's almost completely unknown, even among New Age types and conspiracy theory buffs.
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    Sharing the Facts

    I have commented on this before... this is one of my "areas of expertise", and well duh, the technology just ain't there yet, or it would have revolutionized my field already. I invite them to try. Here's my message
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    Listen to Joe McMoneagle and Ed May audios

    :'( I would especially be interested in the Lucid Dreaming thing... I have tried RVing in lucid dreams and for me it was a complete disaster, I had the hugest misses 3v4r. >:( 'Couldn't have been farther from the target' types. *sigh*
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    does anyone have any session analysis tools?

    I would just dump the data into SPSS (I suppose you already have a way of quantifying your session data) and fiddle around with it. If you are familiar with the basic concepts of statistics, and know what you want to do, it shouldn't be hard to use. If you are not, I would recommend reading an...