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    Site loading delays

    Is it just me or are others also having problems with the extreme slowness of the pages loading? I have had unbelievable delays for the past week. Perhaps the problem is on my end, but I've not had issues like this in the past. Maybe it's due to all the wonderful improvements on site? ...and...
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    FYI --TKR Server Problems

    Uh oh...more problems today. Took forever & countless attempts to get this far :-/ I was going to notify the webmaster per instruction of yesterday, but after reading this particular error message and a certifiable disclaimer that followed the error message and then the contact address being...
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    Re: Train your Brain

    Hi Wojo Just caught this post and did a real quick search. I know there is more than what I'm going to post here, but this will give a little more info about your topic. She has classes, or did about 1 1/2 years ago, in NY...YOUR neck of the woods. Have you taken them...
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    TRK Gallerie photos

    I've been spending some time reading the sessions that have been submitted (some are really really good by the way) and while noting the different styles of the viewers I'm also seeing that many of targets have been repeating themselves lately (which I happen to like). I have a question...
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    The Mountain Story

    This topic has been moved to Off Topic & Humor by Karl.