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  1. morgan

    Article on Sony's ESPER lab and the concept of legitimacy.

    Hi guys. I ran across this article on the ESPER lab that sony used to have a decade ago working on ESP and associated research. Yes the source is highly questionable. I post it purely out of interest however. Treat it as hypothetical if you prefer...
  2. morgan

    Farsight inst. SAM machine

    Does anyone have any experience using this thing? How does it work? is it worth bothering with?
  3. morgan

    Growing up with Psi.

    Negrodamus on a different thread criticised the unbalanced logic driven approach to socialisation in our societies and advocated introducing psi early in life in tandem with this education. Personally I believe that many (if not most) of us actually were introduced to psi early in life...
  4. morgan


    Am I the only person in this country who is interested in remote viewing? It sure seems that way. The only article ever to come out of NZ on RV is a skeptical one that basically denies any existence of psi. I feel like i'm under a rock in the middle of a desert down here. If there is...
  5. morgan


    Something is lost. help me find it!! looking for description of the thing that is lost (by which i can determine if you are on signal) as well as recognisable clues to the location of the lost thing. what is around it? thanks!! (sessions can be PMed/emailed to me or posted here if you like)...
  6. morgan

    bitching about boundary institute formats

    I would just like to complain about the boundary institutes site. I use the site and its a good site in general but there are some things that piss me off about it and since i know that there is zero point to complaining to them - nothing will change anyway - and yet still want to have...
  7. morgan

    spheres of the sephiroth and musical narration

    Music - harmonic motion - and its relation to the sephira (translated from russian original)
  8. morgan

    german website some might find mildly interesting.

    if you speak german, you might like to check out the website of Markus Eichner Here is the entrance and here the page on UFO/mysteries/other themes. there are a number of other pages. studying in stockholm.. or at giessen uni. and links to...
  9. morgan

    U2 incident - looking for any sessions

    Hi I'm looking for any sessions anyone might know about that were done on the U2 incident. It would be very helpful if you could give me a link or pm them to me. Its moderately important. Not like.. oh my god the world is going to collapse.. important.... but quite important all the same...
  10. morgan


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  11. morgan


    anyone know the series - mindgame? just found it on youtube. here.. an episode in five parts. its worth a look in. so check it out!
  12. morgan

    reclassifying documents. found this vaguely interesting. Most of you probably know about it already though i guess.
  13. morgan


    Just wanted to remind everyone (all three thousand of us or whatever) that there is in fact - FRAPPER! Yes! you too can be a blip! (assuming you arent an over-the-top paranoid social recluse already) (which is a big assumption, i know.) Pictures (whether of yourself or of anything you find...
  14. morgan


    I see today that the TKR galleries has 3110 members. It does tend to make you wonder what the other circa 3070 members are doing. It doesnt seem like we have anywhere near 3000 viewers. seems like maybe only fifty active viewers or something. Ok so theres like those people who signed up and...
  15. morgan

    psitech omega team
  16. morgan

    grandmother cells.
  17. morgan


    Anyone want to play battleship via skype? i guess a real game-battleship setup is not necessary if you draw one. -like a 2 player dowsing version of mine sweeper without clues. pm me if you're interested.
  18. morgan

    video uploads

    looking for some kind of site where i can not only store pics but also audio and vid files (especially if they can be viewed at site) anyone know of a place like this thats suitable for technology-ignorants like myself? i am not up to designing my own website. i cant program. anything more...
  19. morgan

    Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)

    insect antigravitation in russia. an interesting read all round. ..personally i would say that the insect in question is certain to be found in one of the reserves that Grebennikov himself funded to protect. if there were a way of discovering the number...
  20. morgan

    ARV advice

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