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    The Mandela Effect

    Hi, This is so incredible. I just don't understand if indeed there is a "force" ( spontaneous or purposefully generated distortion) changing appearance of past events so how our memory remains not affected? So many aspects of this to think about! I was born not a long time after JFK's...
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    Premonitions Lite

    I know exactly how you feel. I am chased by strange unpleasant dreams from time to time too. I have no understanding of them and I do not even try. The last one ( the night before) was so blatantly clear and awful as if it was teasing me because of my total helplessness and lack of control. I...
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    HRVG suppressing RV data of former student, on Kennedy assassination?

    I wouldn't get too excited about that too but I got rather excited about this perfect example of how far reaching human ignorance, disrespect and greed can go! After reading just this: partially my blood is boiling/ partially it makes me laugh. Should we have faith in law and institutions we...
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    What the.......??

    Don't give them more ammunition ;D this is sufficiently insane already. Nothing adds up in this story. I have started milking this "non US citizen" part as it sounds very schizophrenic to me but obviously nothing beats the whiteboard nonsense. I am amazed that graffiti (on walls) hasn't been...
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    What the.......??

    What remote viewing "secrets" is HRGV still hiding as it seems they published a lot of them already a while ago. Anybody can learn and use them. I haven't noticed any warning about content not appropriate for non US citizens etc.
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    ERV, EBP, OBE, Astral Proj and other RV methods

    I am so happy this forum is back to normal! It happens occasionally to me at work while doing rather boring and repetitive talks. I switch off unintentionally (frankly I am not sure about this) and drift to more interesting thoughts/subjects while still talking. A good couple of times it...
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    Artificial intelligence trying to decode a video

    Pretty close analogy to my viewings on some ocasions too. Enjoyable video, especially the struggle between red vine and chocolate sauce ;D the engine was so into it. It makes me realize that visuals which are so complex indeed are the most misleading components of the signal. Smells, sounds and...
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    signatures and ideograms

    Yes, frontoading would be a problem in some cases, but are signatures which looks like scribbles and resemble "normal" ideograms. Another question comes to my mind.....have any of you ever tried to work the other person's ideogram produced in a standard RV process? How much of the sensitivity of...
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    signatures and ideograms

    Have you ever thought about a signature as an ideogram? I was searching this forum for any relevant thread but have not found anything. Handwriting as a manifestation of personality has been studied for ages but it would be interesting to consider it in the ideogram context e.g. probing it and...
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    A strange shiny mountain on Ceres

    I have found it interesting, but with JPL you never know....
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    Harald Kautz Vella's lecture

    The author touches several topics like chemtrails, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, mind control, morgellon disease, vaccination, scalar waves, black goo. In his other 3 part interview with Miles Johnston he goes into more details about scalar waves physics and the morgellon disease.
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    Harald Kautz Vella's lecture

    I feel that this is important to share this impressive lecture ( brand new) with you :) The author is a hard core scientist, researcher and journalist. The lecture covers topics like artificial inteligence, morgellon disease, black goo but it goes far...
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    Man Predicts Terror Attack in Out-of-Body Experience

    Hi tbone, I can't believe this is another one from so many coincidences , synchronicities on this forum. I was about to write a post about his books. I am currently reading this man's (Graham Nicholls ) "Avenues of the Human Spirit". I recommend this profound and written with no pomp personal...
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    Remote viewing Cydonia, Mars

    Thank you. Very decent indeed.
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    Very interesting target, very interesting and convincing session. I cannot think about anything to disperse doubts about suggested cosmic ray but to do it as a target ( I mean to have a real cosmic ray photo as a feedback). Looking at google images of cosmic rays ( particles) leaving a trace on...
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    Remote viewing Cydonia, Mars

    I have just finished watching "Remote viewing Cydonia, Mars". To be frank, the previous post about Atlantis prompt me to look at the Farsight Institute website. I did not need too much encouragement as Mars has always been fascinating me. This is an excellent work, amazing details, no need to...
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    Locating "the best book" on a subject

    Interesting challenge but may pose some problems. I believe there are many sources of information you are after ( Mayan, Sumerian, Celtic, and so on, esoteric writings), some not accessible or not discovered yet, some discovered long time ago but we are blind to its content ( or purposely made...
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    What are the limits to Remote Viewing?

    I think that the RV functionality and application is limited by its protocol- to be blind to the target, importance of feedback etc. But this is the principle of the RV. I am not trying to put a stick into the ants nest but I find it clearly limiting even if the RV itself is limitless.
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    RV/dream connection

    We dream for approximately 1/3 rd of our life. I wonder how much we draw from our dreams living our lives ( in opposite to drawing from our waken state experience to dream our dreams).
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    RV/dream connection

    Thanks for the directions. Incredible. While looking for PJ's on-line book, I have found posted on her blog "Psiche" ( happy to know about this too) the recollection ( sorry for too simplistic wording as this is much more than that) of her recent dream titled “This is a Locked-Door...