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    Joe McMoneagle's  recent UFO session.

    I was just at Rhine website. I do not see anything about Joe's visit. Rich
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    Gary Langford's RV Teaching Method

    Hello Gary. Thanks for joining us. What are your thoughts on RVing the future? Is it different than RVing current or past targets? There is a huge interest in RVing lottery numbers. What is your view on this? There is a huge tie-in between RV/RVers(ex-government and subsequent) and...
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    You know you're a remote viewer when...'ve used every RV technique you have found and you still have not won the lottery. PS: I started out with nothing and have most of it left. .........people ask why you stopped int he doorway...not realizing you were doing ambience practice. woke up at 2 AM in front...
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    You know you're a remote viewer when...

    You know you're a remote viewer when you file your family photos by gestalt or by Stage. .....when the doctor's signature on your prescription is obviously a compound ideogram for water/mountain/manmade. put everything away in sealed opaque envelopes coded with two four-digit...
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    Does anyone know of this person

    ISUR was a UFO discussion group and also published a newsletter. It was a great organiization. I believe the main man was Michael Lindemann who went on to other more mundane things. He wrote a scifi novel named Excelsior. (Thanks PJ) It's a great read. When ISUR closed down, the a new...
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    Extra Terrestrials and RV/OBE

    wow. this is one long thread. As far as Ingo's book, Penetration, I tend to agree with Joe MacMoneagle. One thing I would like to see is the alleged before and after pictures of the moon that some claim were airbrushed. Someone must have a before photo or they couldnt make the claim. Rich
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    Does anyone know of this person

    He is all over the net. Do a google search with quotation marks around his name. "c leigh culver". I remember him from ISUR. rich
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    Mon Feb 7 - Fri Feb 11: Intro Matls & Chapters 1-2

    Re: Mon Feb 7 - Fri Feb 11: Intro Matls & Chapters LOL...I almost forgot what this topic was after trying to figure out why I had to log in again with a different pair of IDs after already having logged in the main page with the other set of IDs. I never know which one to log in with to...
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    Joe McMoneagle at the Rhine in February

    I just thought of another comment Joe made. while describing some facet of RV he threw in the phrase "3rd stage modeling" then paused, maybe to check our reactions. He said we all probably heard of modeling as a stage 6 CRV procedure, but there was a stage 3 modeling process. He also said the...
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    Joe McMoneagle at the Rhine in February

    Maybe I missed it above, but did anyone mention Joe's homework taskings? He had two envelopes, marked G and M. Viewer's choice. The assignment was to provide the President with 5 lines of information about the target. I had a lot of trouble with this. right off the bat, my perceptions led...
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    RV/ARE Conference - Virginia Beach

    Hi Eva, Mr Schwartz was the one who set it up. I don't know why there was so little ARE stuff. Maybe because his stuff goes way back and none of it is classified. Its been hashed and rehashed pretty thououghly. All of his readings are available on a CD for about $100 or if you are a...
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    RV/ARE Conference - Virginia Beach

    The RV/ARE conference was a great event. Hal Puthoff, Paul Smith, Skip Atwater and Russell Targ presented RV history from their perspectives. Paul Smith's presentation was especially enjoyable with the many graphics and documentaion charts of the participants, history and events. Although most...
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    Your favorite session (and why?)

    One of my favorite sessions was one given to me by my wife. It turned out to be a location i could visit, the laundry room at the retirement community where her mother lived. It was also the fisrt time I had used movement commands of the form : "From the center of the target, face North and...
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    {Useful4NewFolks} Length of time spent in session

    Re: Length of time spent in a session Hi Eva, That is a good tip. "Appropriate" fills the bill. I was thinking of other options like: center of attraction, focus of tasker, highlight/focus of feedback, etc. I don't know what to think about this theory of the sub having a mind of its own...
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    The 'next level' movements in skill

    I have always felt that outbounder targets were the purest, or cleanest, types of RV, the main reasons being tasker intent and feedback. In Don's case, I assume that the tasker intent is always to describe the location at the time he goes there. Is this correct? Have you ever tasked for a...
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    {Useful4NewFolks} Length of time spent in session

    Re: Length of time spent in a session LOL, And I find that i can't type worth a damn when using Internet Explorer. :) Rich
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    {Useful4NewFolks} Length of time spent in session

    Re: Length of time spent in a session My sessions have always tended to the short side. Th eonly way I hav ebeen able to extend them is through "move" commands and I am always leary of those. If I tell myself to move up 100 feet over the target I al;ways wonder if the target is still visible...