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    Ed Dames' Course

    Can anyone please tell me whether Ed Dames' DVD course is in a format that will work in the UK? I tried the site and can't find anything in any obvious place..tho it's probably staring at me. Cheers, Glyn
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    Predictive Tasks

    Hi PJ and all, PJ, I have seen you mention that you are getting together an area on the Galleries where different people can task predictive targets (including maybe for betting purposes); and the whole thing is to be managed by Gene. I am looking forward to it. One thing has been bothering...
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    Future Memory and RV

    Hello all, Some of you will know that I am interested in J W Dunne's theory about Future Memory. His book "An Experiment with Time" is advertised on this site. No, I'm not getting paid to advertise :D. RV (IMO) appears to be precognition, based on the feedback and other 'happenings' around...