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    What If The Feedback Photo is Generated By Our Tex

    Just a question, and not meant to be a put-down on rv or psychic stuff or anything......but what if the type of feedback photo you get is generated actually by key words in the text you type in? I just thought I'd ask. Could this be actually an experiment on different levels? :)
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    Terrorists US 2 Places DC & OH rv & dowsing

    Dowsing of map today. 2 upcoming places terrorist activity in the U.S.: Place 1: area of Ohio. Further dowsing prickled into Cincinnati in Ohio, area surrounding and in, Cincinnati radius 50 miles out including toward KY. Movement from Cincinnati target location possibly KY destination. RV...
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    RV: Madeline McCann

    Remote view little girl Madeline McCann missing in Portugal. In same town as hotel where last seen, not many miles away. Unfortunately not alive. Searchers need different type equipment. In long narrow, shallow box. Buried. Metal to ground. Metal detector needed to lead to poor child. I am new...