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    I am just sick that I missed it. I know it was terrific. For some reason my computer was acting up and wouldn't let me chat or even download a different plugin. It worked fine before. Then I went to Kinkos and couldn't get on a computer, tried the library, no use so I finally gave up and...
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    Re: LIVE CHAT w/ DR. EDWIN C. MAY - July 9th Lol Liz. It DOES feel like RV Christmas. This is fabulous!
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    Re: LIVE CHAT w/ DR. EDWIN C. MAY - July 9th What? There is a target? Is it an input data thing or just our own paper? How did I miss that?
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    Remote Influence Yourself From the Future time of feedback?

    What an interesting idea! Or perhaps if we "opened" ourselves to the feeback in the same way we "open" ourselves to the target?
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    Anyone have experience with "Hybrid-ARV"?

    Hi sonny, there is a way to make comments not available on your sessions if you so choose. I did it once but seemed to get lots of people who were hurt or uncomfortable or insulted so I put comments back on. Personally I find encouragement to be an essential part of learning anything. It is...
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    Reflections on the Gary Langford 2009 Expo event

    Nevermind. I got it all. Just a misunderstanding on my part. PJ this is so much fun...can we do it all year? JK ;D
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    Remote Viewing Video Library

    Great video Larry! Its like we are so modern all of a sudden. Professional even. I would like to see more of this kind of thing. ;D
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    Reflections on the Gary Langford 2009 Expo event

    Great job moderating PJ! BTW you have really done some great things here at TKR and you rock in general . Wow. I have just realized how atrophied my poor unused brain cells have become! It may shock you to learn that at one point in my life I actually considered myself an intelligent person. And...
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    Re: TONIGHT: GARY LANGFORD LIVE CHAT Of all the blasted nights to have to work....oh well. I hope there will be a transcript. Have fun!
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    Starting a local RV Group

    Well don't for get to eat a good breakfast and wear your ear muffs. I hope it goes well for you. There always has to be a starting point. love, Mom
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    Lyn Buchanan's Remote healing technique? Don't mentally join with sick people?

    Is there any evidence for getting sick from joining with sick people? I do a fair amount of healing work and other than some very strong fatigue I have never had a problem even though some of these people were VERY sick. I wonder now that this is brought to my attention if one can use the same...
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    Lightening Bugs

    I always remember what Joe M said in one of his books. If you want to find the one who is psychic you look for the one who has survived where all others have perished or someting to that effect. That is sure true for me. I think psi is first learned as a survival tool. Life and death. Most...
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    Starting a local RV Group

    Now son, I've been waiting for just the right time to tell you this. I AM YO MAMA. Now tell me who this fool is that would presume to tell me I can't have booze for breakfast? I will give him the remote colonoscopy treatment without adequate lubrication. The nerve! AT least you have people in...
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    Do you hear words? Do words pop in your head?

    Let's see...if I say yes then it could be argued that I am "hearing voices" and if I say no then it could be argued that I am a lousey viewer. Why don't we just go for the full monty and say that I am a lousey viewer who hears voices...sorry I drift. Yes I hear words sometimes but its not like a...
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    Starting a local RV Group

    OK OK I am batshit crazy so don't push me. BTW whats up with the holly pic? Last time I checked it was June.
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    "Change Theme" option.

    Well I tried the extreme 6 but I found out that I missed the "view the last posts on the forum" thread. I also was once again frustrated by the lack of ability to ad and avatar. So I am back to the ol blue n gold. Please add pics... ;D
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    `Somebody Else Is On The Moon`

    Please tell me you are joking. Bomb the moon? The same moon whos gravity rules our oceans and balances our bodies? Come on now. Please tell me that no one in this world is that stupid. Please tell me that no one in this or any country would offer to PAY for that bomb. OK the jig is up you can...
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    Anyone have experience with "Hybrid-ARV"?

    Thanks Daz. All I am asking is to hear them out. I found the discussion interesting and thought provoking. I like to hear ideas. New ones, old ones, stupid ones even outlandish ones. That is how I learn. By thinking about these things. I can't come to a conclusion if I don't hear the...