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    Time Traveler revelations and Have a look. Take your time. Read through and then I'd like to hear your thoughts on those subjects that related to RV and precognition, and RV-based predictions of our future. Also, on the concept of...
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    Buchanan Apprenticeship Program and CRV Guild

    Linky link I just checked Lyn's website to see if there were any updates, and indeed there were. A new course for the cream of the cream, for the most serious CRVers who wish to go pro. Anyone heard about this Guild of his? Sounds like his AWP group.
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    Missing Mother

    - CNN These are times when I think of RV, and how it could help in search efforts by narrowing down the search region and giving search parties clues. Heck, RV could even pin-point the location if there are enough unique features near the target. Railroads crossing streets is one of the best...
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    I'm interested :P

    Perhaps this can get me back into viewing ;) If I recall, in ARV, the tasker associates a picture/feedback with each type of outcome. So a win might be a Church, and a loss might be a stadium. And the viewer views the Feedback that the tasker is going to show the viewers on a specific date...
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    Ed Dames RV Team abduction case video

    Clicky Click Neat stuff... GW
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    The Secret and RV

    I recently came across It's supposed to be the secret to the best possibly life one can have, with all your dreams fullfilled if you follow it. Sounds ridiculous, yet I've bought and watched the DVD, and I agree with the philosophy they talk about and in fact they associated it...
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    BUG reports

    When I try to go to the webforum through the Dojo (having the link and chat mat frames there, it asks me to login each time I click on a different forum/page of the webforum. When I tried to make a post, it would tell me I didn't login, even though I had done so on the index page, then re-logged...
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    Idiots Guide to the Dojo Psi/TKR

    Umm...ok, let me be honest here, I really love all the ideas and tools that are offered at the Dojo, but the complexity has made me say each time "Oh not now, I'll figure it out how this works later" Except that later never happens lol. If people would like to write guides for newbies in this...
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    Brain wave/altered state CDs

    I've heard a lot about Hemi-sync, and I sawthat Dave Morehouse has some CDs for CRV or ERV cooldown, specifically for attaining either the Alpha State (for CRV) or the Theta State (for ERV). Do you guys reccomend any particular ones you have come across that you like? Is there anything free...
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    HELP: where the heck is the chat?

    I got a HELP question for the HELP forum ;) I can't find the link to the rvwebchat no more, HELP! lol
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    RVing the kidnapped Israeli soldiers location

    I still find it pretty fascinating that Dames' new techniques allow him to do this sort of thing. I guess if it is true, I'm glad to see RV at work to help solve real problems. GW
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    Psychic Detectives documentary on Court TV

    All this week at 10 PM pacific time, on Court TV there is a series of documentaries about psychics helping out in police investigations. Usually of missing people and homocide investigations. I have seen two yesterday. These are natural psychics. One woman drove to the site of the crime and...
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    HELP! DOES NOT take me to RVWEBFORUM anymore! I have to click on not one, but TWO LINKS to get to rvwebforum. Can someone please fix that? I don't have time to be clicking on anything to get to the forum! PJ, I lost a whole 9 seconds today because of it! First 2 seconds - "wtf is...
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    Tablet PCs anyone?

    Has anyone considred/tried using Tablet PCs instead of paper in RVs? I just scanned a 13 page session, and let me tell ya, it was a lot of work lol. I would like to try writing on a tablet to see how it feels compared to real paper. I know they are getting better at including pressure...
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    Why do the pros stay away from TKR?

    I was reading through the stargate list, in which some military folk still post, then I looked at the Psi Tech list, in which Joni and some talented TRVers post, and I felt sadded by the fact that there is such great enthusiasm, talent, knowledge that is separated by petty animosity. I was...
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    Dojo Psi

    Well, since the move to the new server, I see Dojo Psi everywhere, and I couldn't help but notice that PJ seems to be getting ready for something more comprehensive or larger than the current TKR, especially since tkr is a subfolder of the dojo psi main domain. So logically, dojo psi would have...
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    RV Lessons Learned

    I'm summarizing some lessons learned from my sessions. I thought I would share. I'm not saying what I present here is right. It's just my view on what I did wrong, and what I should avoid next time. It's mainly based on CRV methodology.
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    feel special/privileged?

    I was curious to know if people who call themselves remote viewers consider themselves special and/or privileged people? Privileged as in to know about RV, since after all it is a pretty un-advertized field. And special as in, well it's not your usual social/interest group otu there, like...
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    New RV group

    Daz and myself started a new RV group. The objective is to do regular group sessions, discuss results, learn from each other, and in the future, apply RV to real world problems such as finding those darn missing keys. For the sake of being able to analyze and investigate our RVing, we require...