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    Harold Puthof/SRI psychology test?

    Thank you for the information! I appreciate it.
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    Harold Puthof/SRI psychology test?

    Edit... I find it interesting/suspicious by absence that he didn't mention what these two buckets were.
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    Harold Puthof/SRI psychology test?

    Hello, In Harold Puthofs lecture for Arlington Institute (I believe) he mentioned a psychology test that they gave to their remote viewers. If I remember correctly he said that their best remote viewers fell into two "buckets". Does anyone know what this test was and/or what the two "buckets"...
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    Adding a .jpg of sketch when adding a session.

    Good suggestion mscir, thank you. This may be my only option though I would be disappointed to have to do it that way. The beauty of the old GUI was that you would have to submit your sketch before you got feedback, I believe. This way one couldn't view the feedback and then make and upload...
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    New-ish viewer. Personal discovery about my brain and gestalts.

    This post may become very long and meander, I apologize in advance. The synopsis of the whole post is that my brain doesn't think in gestalts for most anything and it took me a long time to figure this out. If you are new to viewing and are having difficulty with this most basic description...
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    Adding a .jpg of sketch when adding a session.

    Thanks for trying anyway ;D. Yeah, I guess we need Pj here. I've done nothing but bug her with website problems since I've shown up. I promise one day I'll just come here to view not just break stuff. From what I recall the percentage of viewers who uploaded a file was small and maybe it...
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    Adding a .jpg of sketch when adding a session. the middle blue column VWR studios is where I "Go view, request practice." Sorry the interface is new to me. Possibly there is a setting I have to change to allow me to add an image file to a session, I'm hunting around in my settings now.
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    Adding a .jpg of sketch when adding a session.

    I think you're describing adding an image to a forum post..? I'm asking about adding an image to a session tasking. The image below is the GUI. Thanks! :)
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    Adding a .jpg of sketch when adding a session.

    Hello all. It's been about nine years or so since I was here last and maybe things have changed a bit. I'm attempting to upload my AOL ridden sketch of a target when I add a session (practice session) but I don't see a button to upload one. I used to be able to do this. Is this no longer...
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    how do i focus on naming a target

    ...hmmm...I had never looked at taskerbot before, lol. I was (am) waiting for some moment when I felt comfortable moving away from the basic gestalt targets, my participation in the missions lately is my comfort level expanding to include other things. That's neat stuff there! Though I'd...
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    how do i focus on naming a target

    As I was reading this thread earlier the same thought occured to me as well. Why cant I view numbers and words? Who says so? I've had some (small) success at guessing playing card numerical value and suit (away from home, to tired to concentrate on a target, ect.) so I know that single digits...
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    CD weirdness

    "It opens up my nasal passages in some really odd way." Oh man that's funny, and good to hear someone else has nasal side effects. ;D I just purchased one of these...tracks? I dont know what to call it really. And was alarmed at first by the pressure in my head. Like going up or down in an...
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    Aspect RV

    "the aspect of me that is not of me" That is so interesting. What led you to ask for that? I've never tried this Aspect viewing but this Aspect would never have occured to me.
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    Where did you discover RV ?

    Used to listen to Art Bell and heard him talking with Ed Dames about RV. Lol, I had never heard Ed before but I remember thinking "Does this guy have ANY predictions that are good/happy?" sheesh! An internet search for CRV turned up Firedocs and the MANUAL. I skimmed the manual, pondered it...
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    Those Remote Viewing Blues

    Well this is disheartening to hear that it never seems to end.  I mean really, how many times do I have to show my brain (through getting hits) that RVing is possible before it just accepts it.  I guess from what I read here (and in other books) it never will.  Although since I'm a...