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    Why Some Scientists Resist the Evidence for Psi
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    Blindsight: the strangest form of consciousness
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    A long-lost branch of the Nile helped in building Egypt’s pyramids – Scientists Say

    Quite similar to Joe McMoneagle's results when RVing the site of the pyramids. Now if they can find evidence of a man made lake surrounding the site...
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    Is Precognition Real?
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    Next President of the USA?

    It looks like George was on Coast to Coast last night.
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    They say constant practice helps. I personally am very good at hitting the target and getting some noticeable gestalts but I haven't really been able to get really detailed results. I'm sure there is a way to get better at that but I haven't found it. I seem to hit the target, get a rough...
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    It probably isn't dead. It was less than a month ago that he last posted. I usually stop by TKR every day but there isn't much going on here, so a posting a few weeks ago is actually pretty lively.
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    CIA Document Claims Soviet Union Was Developing Cybernetic Telepathy
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    Newest psychedelic drug — is sound? How people are using binaural beats to get high
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    Ganzfield Experiment and The Success That Won’t Go Away
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    `Somebody Else Is On The Moon`
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    Protocols For Extended RV

    If you do a search of this site for "extended" there are many posts on the subject. Maybe you can find something in them.
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    Lyn Buchanan intros to RI recorded 2001 and 2002 on youtube

    It has you listed as joining in 2006 but there are very few of your posts in your profile.
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    Lyn Buchanan intros to RI recorded 2001 and 2002 on youtube

    I will definitely watch these. I remember reading in one of Bob Monroe's books that he believed he accidently ran into a psychic presidential bodyguard while out of body. Do you have any defensive videos or tips?
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    How to task SUARV session

    I have never done it myself. Maybe these links would be helpful:
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    How to task SUARV session

    What exactly are you trying to task? Here is a webinar that explains some of it (I believe, I haven't actually watched it):
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    The Radio Secrets Of DNA

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    Why I now believe parapsychology is a science not a pseudoscience
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    How the Skeptics Lost Their Minds Over a Precognition Experiment