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  1. mscir

    Can a remote viewer accurately view something in the past?

    Pat Price once RV'd water towers that had been demo'd...
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    Hello Everybody!

    stevenogg, If you don't mind talking about it, how big a part has psi played in your life?
  3. mscir

    Did Icarus Project exist?

  4. mscir

    Q: Targets we post on TKR

    If you're referring to CRV, there would have to be some mechanism where people could post targets that other people could access blind, or better double-blind. I know PJ was developing a system to allow people to do just that. If she's finished it, advertising that here, and on Reddit and a few...
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    I have a question

    If you post this on one of Edward's FB or youtube video posts he'll probably see it. Just a thought. would be interesting if you copied a url to any discussion here. OnYoutube he's here On FB he's Edward Ríoghbhárdáin Austin, Texas
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    I have a question

    Great idea!
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    Back to the Future ?

    I can't either. I downloaded the image full size (3088 x 4216 px), looked it over, didn't find anything. To try to bring out any writing that was obscured by the uneven lighting I started experimenting: Image > Adjustments > Invert, then Image > Adjustments > Curves using a curve to even out the...
  8. mscir


    Do you have any interest in meditation, to reduce anxiety and feel better, and possibly make it easier to 'tune in to' or 'be with' your intuition? Meditation helped me relax a lot, and there are all sorts of meditation for you to sample, to see if you like one that works for you.
  9. mscir

    German Scientists Will Pay You 10,000 Euros if You Can Prove That You Have Superpowers

    Make sure you read the fine print, the not so amazing Randi pulled all kinds of dirty tricks to avoid paying, he was disingenuous, to put it nicely.
  10. mscir

    Can't locate Imgur directions for adding images to a session

    What url are you taken to?
  11. mscir

    next President of the USA

    Brave is FAST, thanks.
  12. mscir

    Marty Rosenblatt on Coast to Coast last night

    Remote Viewing - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/10/19Remote Viewing - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/10/19WWRemote Viewing - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/10/19 June 11, 2019 • 19 min George Noory and psychic medium Marty Rosenblatt explore his work as a remote viewer, his theories on the...
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    Dizzy and nauseous after a session

    Do you have the same experience when you close your eyes and meditate (if you have any experience with meditation)?
  14. mscir

    How to register on ten thousand roads website?

    Don't be so hard on yourself, your sites rock.
  15. mscir

    ARV Football (Soccer) Correct Score method

    Really nice target tool on the zarik page, thanks!
  16. mscir

    How to register on ten thousand roads website?

    Is sent PJ a message including your request.
  17. mscir

    Is it Just Imagination? What Accurate Perceptions "Feel Like" - Exercise

    I did the first 2 weekend Silva class and had amazing results.
  18. mscir

    Is it Just Imagination? What Accurate Perceptions "Feel Like" - Exercise

    Daz's recent writeup of how a session felt to him was really well done, imo this is the best writeup of the experience of remote viewing that I've ever read.