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    Describing things in real life vs describing things in RV?

    I am a God person, not popular. I have never worried too much about being popular. People are a little creepy, to be honest. I will tell you, it works. We have a basic hand manual for people on planet earth. We may not always understand the rules and think we are too good for them. Good news -...
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    Found a fun ARV site online

    This is the best RV site that I could find. If anyone cares. I do not know why RV people do not donate to it. They must exist. I do not understand many things. I thought that I was pretty mellow. I was told that I am aggressive in astral voyages.. I thought that I was toning myself down. Told...
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    Describing things in real life vs describing things in RV?

    I think that we connect in some way. Real life is a way. RV is another way. We see and feel things. We are told No, in person time to time. I have asked. Ticked me off a few times. Grounded more than once. We are the babies. I argued of course. This is not my first rodeo. I want all people to be...
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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    I think that it is good to make mistakes. Basketball players practice over and over to hit the target. We learn and grow. We should not get lazy, but we should learn that mistakes cannot cripple us from learning to view. It is not very different, just a different science. Physical good health...
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    next President of the USA

    There is an old southern saying - living on borrowed time. God likes us. Want to challenge him. Give him a go. Funny stuff. I don't like violence or understand it. People are naturally afraid of me. My kids seem to be okay which is my prayer. I do like communication. I believe in language. We...
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    next President of the USA

    It is a long road, and there are highs and lows. I try to be grateful for anything. Trees live longer - perspective. I love this place, very pretty and good. I miss my parents, but all older people feel the same way. We are all very similar - all people - and I hope that God loves everyone. He...
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    On the flip side, go walking around your old attic, older houses are always more fun, and look around, quietly. I like animals, cats and dogs, and other pets. Houses have personalities, so to speak. This is a good place.
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    To me, viewing, real viewing, is about God. There are angels, messengers, but there are so many things we do not see. I have always had bad, aggressive men around me. Big whoop. Things have always fallen or broken around me and I scared my parents and other people, always. The military people...
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    I was told, in person, that we are not ready yet. I started crying. I never cry. At my parents funerals. My friends fuss that I never express my emotions in person. I do it in private. I am a private person. RV is hard stuff. I get playful with it because I did it as a kid, joking around, but...
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    The more stressed, in real life, or threatened, I feel, the closer that I RV. In my older years, I see it as a little funny. I have a strong sense of humor. I know RV is a big deal. I did it early. My kids do it. This is the money place. I know it. RV people are not stupid, and we see...
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    CRV and SRV

    I think RV is natural, like singing ability, or like me, no singing ability but playing piano. We are all unique. I always feel grateful for anything and try to be happy and know that real viewing is tough stuff but possible. Listen. We have instincts, and maybe guards. This place is about...
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    Question about the way you "pop out" information

    In real life, I can RV all day long. thought it was a given.
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    Question about the way you "pop out" information

    I think it is a God thing, very hard to understand. It use to be only Jewish people. They got hurt for it. You will not be liked for it. Hard stuff. Why. I have always wondered why the Jewish people were so targeted and African Americans too. No good answer. God said seems too simple for our...
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    You can RV. it is an art. This is a money place. my last time. Get the training for a job that pays money. We need it here. it is why we work at boring jobs hour after hour. Rv is your art. God bless.
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    Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility

    This is a science. A hard one. Most people are scared by it. I think that all science can go two ways - good or bad. We have seen bad. I want it to go good. People matter. All people. All people matter. My two cents. Worth one. We are not ready yet, I was told in person. I sucked it up. Today...
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    Probing for more info during a session

    Blan out your mind. It could be anything, a sheet of paper or an alligator. Let go. What is there. What do you see, smell, touch, and how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? relax. It is natural. No occult stuff. We are made to be happy. I like flowers. Be happy. Have a clear mind. Be...
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    brw, this is the year of the female. Why. It is time. Everyone knows it. Oprah, whoever.

    brw, this is the year of the female. Why. It is time. Everyone knows it. Oprah, whoever.
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    I think that our brains are still too complex for us to simulate, and I know a little about...

    I think that our brains are still too complex for us to simulate, and I know a little about medical stuff. We are also creators and astral voyage. I might be wrong, but I think that viewing is natural and from the Big Guy. That is what I was told There was an awareness of the big guy. I just...
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    Definition of the word blind in remote viewing.

    I think blind connotes no information. A blank sheet of paper. Write something. It is scary. Might be totally wrong. RV is not easy. Nothing worth anything is easy and we make mistakes. It is human. I like it.