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  1. Omega

    Incentive !

    Hi ! This is just an incentive for those that are chasing the $$$$$... Yes, it can be done and has been done. I got the Winner of the 2016 and 2018 Melbourne Cup ( Holidays in 2017 ) This horse came from dead last ! to win the race...I had to watch the race a second time to make what I was...
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    RV Unit Perth

  3. Omega

    Next President of the USA?

    Ha ! NOT According to this group ! It would be nice to know...
  4. Omega

    What the.......??

    A Call to Action...and Resignation required ! ..... Now ! !
  5. Omega

    What the.......??

    A Call to Arms people !
  6. Omega

    Remote Viewing in front of a camera

    Hi Jon, I will looking out for your whiteboard Sessions, I will have to clean mine up and get into it also. At present it is a little cluttered from other works. I have the cameras and lighting now, also a reasonable mic, so there should no excuse ! Will you be posting them here or simply on...
  7. Omega

    Interesting Target

    Hi, Any more takers ? Well considering that we are a community ( in hibernation ? ) there does not seem to be many around these days, who are up for a good project ! Rick
  8. Omega

    The Black Knight satellite

    Well, I guess it was only...time ! Rick
  9. Omega

    Remote Viewing in front of a camera

    Jon, Great idea, I have even set up a camera, viewing straight down onto the A4 sheet and filming, deduced I need a second camera, in sync. The video was ok, but lacked a front view. As for going to White boards only...hmmm I am a hard copy sort of person and really prefers the paper ( old...
  10. Omega

    Interesting Target

    Greetings PJ, The TRN's ( Target Reference Numbers ) are assigned to a single Target. There is a second part to the Target hence another similar number will be provided once the first Session is completed. I honestly thought there would have been more takers for a Session. It's like a new...
  11. Omega

    Workshop to....

  12. Omega

    Films depicting RV

    Greetings all, The one that has not been mentioned is... PUSH They are called "watchers" but this person does RV, also the opening credits and scenes are worth slowing down and viewing, as there is some truth contained within ~! Rick
  13. Omega

    What is the situation with remote viewing internationally?

    We are giving training here in the "Land down Under" Australia Some people seem to have after a while different things come up in their lives, thus their interest/obligations change. Personally I try and introduce the subject to as many who I think are open to the subject. Sydney has a number...
  14. Omega

    Interesting Target

    Greetings Jetje, Please feel free to come onboard with this one, the more the merrier ! It is a Project I am putting together, that I believe that most will find of Interest. You can email your Session to me at Rick
  15. Omega

    Interesting Target

    Hi, Would like to have any budding Rv'ers tackle the project I have. There are others who have submitted, I am looking at trying to collect as much info on this, without giving too much away until the appropriate time. TRN's are 1761/4482 Rick
  16. Omega

    Remote Viewing Unit - Secret Files
  17. Omega

    RVU Training 2015

    Change of dates folks
  18. Omega

    IRVA 2015

    So, New Orleans for the IRVA Conf. Sounds interesting!
  19. Omega

    London RV meet-up/chat dec 20th (approx date)

    Yes ! All systems go ! Looking forward to this one ! Face to face meetings are..... the best ! 8)
  20. Omega


    Greetings John, Welcome aboard ! I see that you are a newbie to the forum. Have an avid interest in UFO's and would like people to do a Session/s for you. May I suggest when assigning TRN's to a target it is preferable to simply have two random 4 digit numbers eg. 1234/5678. Mixing and...