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    IRVA May 20th Anniversay Conference Rescheduled due to Corona

    Here's the official notice from John Cook. To help make up to those who have registered, they are giving the Banquet as a gift. IRVA 2020- 20 Year Anniversary Event Fall 2020 A letter from IRVA President, John Cook Like me, I’m sure that you’ve been carefully watching the developing...
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    IRVA CONFERENCE Rescheduled Due To Corona

    An emergency meeting was held lastnite, 3/4/20, to discuss this issue of taking precautions due to the Coronavirus. Because older people are more susceptible, and this does include many speakers as well as attendees, they reached the decision to postpone the conference til Fall 2020. Same...
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    Trying to get in touch with Mike Cannon

    Re: Trying to get in touch with Mike Connon The correct spelling is Connon. Trying to get in touch with mike Connon. Does anyone know him? Thanks. K
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    Trying to get in touch with Mike Cannon

    Thanks! Been a busy day. After posting that I though of checking FB. Thanks! Haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks again! Kristen
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    Reaching thru from the afterlife

    Hi guys! Haven’t been here in ages! Hope you’re all well. I had an interesting incident on January 26th. It came to mind again recently. All the circumstances coinciding seem so amazing. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or thoughts on it. I am doing home care for a man, Fred...
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    Trying to get in touch with Mike Cannon

    Hi! It’s been so long since I have been here! Wondering if anyone knows Mike (also known as Mick) Connon. The email I have for him does not work. Thanks! You can message me if you want. Kristen
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    Oak Island program, Sunday 1/26/14, 4th in the series of 5

    Thanks John. Right -- I forgot to add the metal detector guy at the end. ;-) I still can't help but wonder how much they'll really reveal about what their search actually finds.
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    Oak Island program, Sunday 1/26/14, 4th in the series of 5

    For anyone who doesn't get the History channel but wants to be updated on this program, here's a synopsis. This the 4th in the series of 5 programs. Good news. Next Sunday, Feb. 2nd all will be revealed. Or, should I saw, all that they want us to know will be "revealed". Excuse my sudden...
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    Oak Island tonite,10pm Eastern, History channel. Reruns airing NOW

    FYI. It was announced that there are 5 programs in the series. Tonite will be the 4th. So next Sunday Feb. 2nd will be the last in the series. This means they'll have to progress quickly to reveal what, if anything is to be found. It was taped when the weather was warmer. Makes me wonder . . ...
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    Oak Island tonite,10pm Eastern, History channel. Reruns airing NOW

    Reminder: The Oak Island program airs tonite, 10pm Eastern time on the History channel. Reruns of previous episodes are airing now. Hope they show a little progress tonite. But they're stretching out this exploration to create the series. Always interesting tho. Kristen
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    PSI, Fluoridated Water and the 2012 Connection

    What still bothers me is that fluoride water still enters thru our skin when washing our hands and in the shower or back. Someday, when I can, I'll get the filters for ALL taps in my home. You have to really research to assure that the tap filters out Fluoride tho. Most don't. I first heard of...
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    HAPPY 2014 TO ALL

    Yes, wishing you all a 2014 full of good experiences -- and some happy surprises. ;) Tunde, I like your flashy icon. And I see this is your 'residence' now! ;) kv
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    An Interesting Phenomenon To Be Aware of Happening This Year

    Hi everybody. Haven't been back here in a while. Nice to connect with you all again. ;) I thought this was very interesting, and good to be aware of. In Oct. I went to an Astrosophy lecture. Astrosophy is Study of The Stars from the deep psi wisdom of Rudolf Steiner. (RS is the MOST...
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    An Interesting Phenomenon Happening This Year

    So sorry! This went into the wrong page! I'll see if I can fix this.
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    An Interesting Phenomenon Happening This Year

    Sorry! This was put in the wrong place. Putting it in "Esoterica". I guess that's the most relevant area for it. k
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    The Oak Island, Nova Scotia mystery - a series on the History Channel

    What I didn't quite agree with -- or see the logic of -- was their strategy of flooding it with water, which they did at the end of this first episode last Sunday. Their thinking was that anything solid would float to the top. My concerns, tho I'm not an engineer or trained in these digging...
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    Short summary of my research on the Antarctic Nazi UFO Base

    Mycroft, can you please give a link to the Russian/UFO video you referred to? Thanks! Kristen
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    UFO corn field meaning and messages

    Where do I find he downloads?
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    Electromagnetic Radiation - Danger or Myth?

    I checked this site and they're very expensive! I wonder if they're really worth all this -- nearly $100. Has anyone used one, and do you have any feedback? Thanks! Kristen
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    Electromagnetic Radiation - Danger or Myth?

    I just went to the Defender Pad link. Geez! It's almost $100! Seems a bit excessive! ???