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    My Workshop and Book

    Hello Everyone Many of you know me from RV clubhouse and the conferences. I am giving a workshop in October on my book and work in magic. It is not RV but you do have a forum here for non-rv items. I hope any of you in the Denver area drop by and see me if you do not attend the classes. :-) Nita...
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    Soliciting Original articles on RV

    Hi everyone, As some of you might already know, I have a nifty little website and I have just finished work on a monthly newsletter for the month of June. I realized that a great way to get different perspectives on RV and associated topics would be to have guest or featured authors...
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    Good practice drill

    I think a good practice drill just to see if you're latching onto the signal line through the aperture, is the "Quick RV" test over at It's something you can practice quickly just to kind of get used to being in the RV mode, if you don't have time some days to do lengthy sessions...
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    Biogenic magnetite crystalline structures

    As these crystal links are within the brain, if one is able to adapt to new inner-surroundings within the mind, is it possible for a person to view these crystal like structures through the usage of the third eye and bring them forth so that the data can be processed by the physical eyes?
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    Not sure if this is where I should post this but if anyone wants... DJ73 D18T Please email the information to me at and I'll send the feedback. Thanks
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    big blue
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    wondering about india's mythic civilisations

    I am wondering if anyone has ever RVed or heard about a RV session or a vision from a reliable PSI person in relation to the mythical legends of india talking about flying vehicles, and atomic weapons and stuff like that. I think that a lot of these legends have been exagerrated and distorted by...
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    Frapper Map Photo

    Can someone delete my cartoon photo? I put a real one up. Thought I could "click, delete" but nope. Thanks
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    Anyone have thoughtstream?

    I just got this as a hand me down thing. Says it has 8 level indicators for learning to relax. Red is (I guess) wired down to green which is relaxed. Anyone familiar with it? Reminds me of the old wrap around the finger machine while the beeping slows down. If anyone had it, did it help...