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  1. workerant

    Australian Remote Viewing Unit

    Saved this one in my favorites too.
  2. workerant

    Scottish Remote Viewing Group

    Marked you amoung my faves.
  3. workerant

    If you would be like a RV God...

    Well around different election times, we usually have threads going about who will be the next ... etc and the thought of RVing headlines and news articles has come up from time to time. If you start it, they will probably view it for you, as there is always a willing group of viewers.
  4. workerant

    How the government 'may' deal with psychics in the future

    More likely the next 100 years will see the creation of a Psi-Idol television show in which teams of viewers from different methodological backgrounds attempt to outdo each other in front of a panel of celebrity THAT I can see coming lol Marv There is already a show on cable...
  5. workerant

    New look TKR

    Much easier on the eyes, thanks Dan. I can't stare at stark white for long without risking a migrain.
  6. workerant

    OBE's in the Middle of the Day............

    I have read many accounts over the years of other's who have had such experiences. It is, if not altogether common, at least not unheard of. Even readings within psychology topics will display some examples. As far as being a "side effect" of RV, I don't think there is a side effect...
  7. workerant

    Dream-linking exercise on 3/29?

    Hello Liam and all, I had a busy couple weeks myself and don't know if more experimenting was done, but looking at the dates, it wouldn't seem so. I have been thinking about methods of linking in dreams by triggers. I have done much study and journaling of dreams over the years and am...
  8. workerant

    New look TKR

    So the old settings/addresses, do they not work anymore ?Should we mark this one for keeping?
  9. workerant

    Farsight Institute to conduct Global Climate Study

    Re: Farsight Institute to conduct Global Climate S crazy as ever
  10. workerant

    Administrator. Can this be Removed?

    I think what I am really trying to say is know yourself well, think about the situations, don't try to be macho or stronger than you really are. I know a lot of people around me that can barely handle getting stung by a bee without having a bunch of trauma. Life is a risk of course and there...
  11. workerant

    RI Experiment - Saturday, March 8, 2008

    We might do well to attempt to meet in a chat rooma and discuss a focus for this.
  12. workerant

    Dream-linking exercise on 3/29?

    Banded, as usual, count me in. ;) I am quite excited about this effort.
  13. workerant

    too much lucidity at times

    Good advise Dan, and yes druid they are right, there is such a thing as counciling for these matters. I realize it can be rattling, but journal your dreams as often as you can and perhaps, talk to a trusted friend if not a councelor. Also read as mauch about the newer research on the topic...
  14. workerant

    Remote Viewing + Substances

    the shaman:hehe thanks for the reply, this seems to be a subject that nobody wants to tackle. Actually it has been tossed around here several times and about different stimulants. If it's your pleasure, it's your business.
  15. workerant

    Administrator. Can this be Removed?

    So be it with me then, and on we all move 8)
  16. workerant

    Administrator. Can this be Removed?

    Panamon wrote:IMHO we should keep the thread as it is, as a healthy reminder to the need of caution, just deleting the RV numbers (for what coordinates are worth, in general) to discourage other viewers who would give it a try. Removing the co-ordinates is a thought. Gene, LD, your takes on...
  17. workerant

    Dream Link Project for Sat 3-22 ??? Are We ?

    Interesting Banded, What is your take on it?
  18. workerant

    Administrator. Can this be Removed?

    Well I will keep a bead on this for the next several days and get a feel for the general opinion.
  19. workerant

    Dream Link Project for Sat 3-22 ??? Are We ?

    I didn't either. I'm sure I dreamed but I can not remember any of it.
  20. workerant

    Administrator. Can this be Removed?

    Gene, Shall I unlock it for the poster to attempt to delete then?