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    Dreaming you are someone else

    I sometimes have the sensation of flitting in and/or out of other people while in lucid dreams or OBEs. Sometimes it is like seeing someone interacting with others during their regular life and then I will sort of blend with them and it seems that I am both them and an observer at the same...
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    Missing Persons

    I think this is a really good idea. I hope that someone tests it.
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    Meditation and binaural stuff

    Mycroft: Many thanks for posting this information and site. Interesting stuff!
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    Sorry peeps..

    Yes, thank you. I haven't given up yet. : )
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    Practice CRV Target 2016-0211 - due November 30 2016.

    My apologies to Jeane and JR for the confusion with their identities--my mistake. The comment on the good viewing stands. : )
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    Practice CRV Target 2016-0211 - due November 30 2016.

    So sorry to hear about your loss, Daz. I thought that all of the sessions were great--kudos especially to those who got a pyramid and some inner structural details. I also noticed a lot of viewers got either energy and/or some sort of star or object which might which might radiate outwards...
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    Another interesting Target.

    I had a little time, so I sent something in. :)
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    The off-topic and humor board

    I assume this goes here... I was trying to use ARV to see the lottery numbers the other day. I had this (I thought brilliant) idea that I would use song lyrics to associate with the numbers as I had noticed on past CRV sessions that my sub likes to give me *clues* through those. So, I dug up...
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    Do you guys want anothr target

    Yes. Another target sounds good, thanks.
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    CRV praccy due Sep 20, 2016 Target:190816

    Ned, I started off doing the single ideograms, but various people were saying that the best way was to write down the target number and then just let go and let your hand do its thing without involving your conscious mind... When I do that, I almost always end up with complex
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    CRV praccy due Sep 20, 2016 Target:190816

    I think that the first time you submit something where you know other people might see it is the worst, as far as being nervous goes. I do think that there was a lot of good data in the various sessions submitted. I thought that you had a very good session, Ned. I found it interesting that...
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    CRV praccy due Sep 20, 2016 Target:190816

    I think that I made it to the target site, but I missed the actual description of the main feature...the Bigfoot itself, which is no small omission. I do think that my sub was trying to tell me that it was a man dressed up in costume and that it wasn't a real event, but more an entertainment...
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    CRV practice target due 7 August 2016

    I can't get Jade's session to open.
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    CRV Practice target due May 26 2016

    I think that we all have various things that we struggle with, but you had some good descriptors of the target itself..."large, metallic, industrial, heavy...makes a banging noise!" : ) And it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that Eric, who just joined us, is obviously right at home...
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    CRV Practice target due May 26 2016

    I have been a bit under the weather lately, so moving a bit slow, and I didn't want to rush while reviewing the sessions. I thought that they were all very good with lots of good descriptive data and sketches--and I did see a fair amount of overlap among them in various areas. Most of the...
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    Premonitions Lite

    Gene: I read yesterday that Christie's approval ratings were at an all-time low...if that means anything, which it probably doesn't. Solaris: That sounds like an interesting book. You might let us know if it helps and maybe even post a comment on it after you have read it. I would be...
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    Premonitions Lite

    I had a premonition last night. I was falling asleep at my desk and then I seemed to be in a store looking at tall shelves of things and hearing music in my head. A police officer came up to me and gestured with his head for me to come with him down the aisle. Immediately, I had the very...
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    Probability and Viewing

    "My Aspect and Archetype RV are interactive with targets..." I am unfamiliar with this terminology. What is *aspect* and *archetype* RV and what would that typically consist of? And...what type of targets? Thanks.
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    CRV Practice target for March2016 - due in by MAR 31st 2016

    It is interesting how many things the viewers got in common in these sessions. Some good data and some really excellent sketches... Good work everyone!
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    Repeating ideogram

    Maybe I should have called them *complex* ideograms rather than *multiple*... 8)