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    Application to identify future dates

    I set up an application last year to determine future date of a certain target event. The targeted event was the date when a certain family member would past away. I did two sets (8-10 minutes) back in July 2016 and the target was "a recognizable new event that would indicate the death of X...
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    Treasure Recovery Application

    Treasure recovery season to start late this year due to the snow levels in the Sierra I work a set each day from a pool of target cues. I have the Gold Treasure narrowed down to a few dozen feet. Hoping that my sets that i'm doing now help me pinpoint the exact location for recovery.
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    Optimal School Application

    Recently I received a correspondence from a fellow viewer from the UK.. He had read that I had successfully viewed the Optimal Schools for my daughter, both boarding school and College.. He asked me for my help, which I successfully completed yesterday. He's a nice gentlemen and I was happy...
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    20 week sports wagering project

    I am working on a project to see if I can do 20-25 consecutive accurate sports picks, at a very easy pace of one set per week. (only confident picks) I figure if I can successfully do this..... starting with a small amount of money (few hundred $) by set 20 with wagering 50% of the increasing...
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    Boston wins tonight

    Boston Red Sox win tonight's game
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    How to view today's winning game

    Folks: I've successfully used this cue a thousand times. I developed this cue a few years ago. Feel free to try it: * I like to use the 4 digit date to start my reference number, helps keep things organized in this case 0805 is Aug 5. the second 4 digits are random.. ** I alternate...
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    Next President of the USA?

    Anyone interested in knowing the answer? do TRN 0114/7117 post your work and email and I'll send you the cue and answer. Try it... it's easy with quality RV technique. Good luck.
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    Gold Search

    Here are two sets completed months apart, by two different viewers, both blind. Neither of us knew what the heck the target was after we sketched it. The cue was "nearest recognizable feature" Have a look. It was eight months after completing this work I discovered what the target was.
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    2014 Oscar Best Picture

    We did this work Feb 14 (0214) All blind sessions, used TRNs. We had 6 viewers all 6 acquired the same target. Her is the best one, a monkey could identify this one. It's all about producing excellent RV sessions. Have fun... Alex
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    Perdicting Future Events

    Folks: I'm pleased to share a new protocol that seems to be working ... so far. It is a way to pick binary events like sports winner, but not limited, without using the problematic binary set-up. It's very simple. We collaborate with Pro Gambler. The PG, sends us a blind set of his picks...