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    Giving feedback in 'real'/operational RV tasks where answer is not known

    let's say I task myself or another person to use RV to solve a problem such as a business decision, find me an optimal school (like in this thread ), best time to make an investment, etc. after a session the tasker could tell the RVer the...
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    Business applications

    I'm a small business owner It dawned on me that I could use RV for business applications How would that work ? since so many business matters are abstract, it's not like looking at the Eiffel tower...
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    please explain the alphabet soup of RV protocols

    There's CRV, TRV, hawaiian style, SRV... are any of these significantly better/different or are they just unique names for the sake of marketing .... ? what are the differences?
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    summary/notes of CRV protocol

    does anybody have a written summary of the CRV steps? I learned from a video and don't have a written reference ,.. don't want to watch the whole thing again if it's online somewhere. people here talk about S1, S4, etc and I don't know what they're talking about e.g. first page, number ##...
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    can you view targets that you devised yourself?

    Hi all 35 year old male in canada here I've been doing some RV sessions using a slightly modified CRV approach. I get practice targets from Target Monkey. Sometimes I am way off target, sometimes I'm bang on and I amaze myself. Now I'm itching to view some 'real' targets of subjects that are...