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  1. IgorG

    Associative Remote Viewing webinar for beginners

    Hello fellow remote viewers! This is a youtube link to 'Associative Remote Viewing webinar for beginners' that I was hosting and presenting on Jan 5th. Explains ARV, the ARV protocol & how to do it thru phases: tasking/judging/feedback & using ARV software.
  2. IgorG

    ARV Studio ver2.4 - Reduces ARV misses up to 10% and reduces poor pairing by 90%

    Hello, After 3.5 years of collecting and analysing over 600 ARV trials data - a new ARV Studio 2.4 version is released which reduces ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) misses up to 10%, makes ARV sessions easier to analyse by 40% and reduces poor target pairing by 90%. Reducing ARV misses also...
  3. IgorG

    Your top 3 RV books and top 3 Consciousness books (2 questions survey)

    Do you find it interesting as well as I do to find out what other people find to be their top 3 remote viewing books, and also top 3 Consciousness related books?? So let's share book impressions with each other and learn something new and also to get new reading ideas to expand your personal a...
  4. IgorG

    40+ weeks ARV Forex predictions and live Forex signals demonstration

    Dear all, Starting from Tuesday my ARV group will post a series of 10 weeks of all our Forex predictions, live trades and results to demonstrate a profitable Forex currency trading. It will be posted here (in advance). With time, these Forex trades might be offered as a Forex signal service...
  5. IgorG

    Wisdom of the remote viewing crowd - Experimental Tasking no1

    Hello all, Here is an ARV task for a interesting game starting on Thursday (15th) evening. You are blind to the game, but you will get prediction and game info at some point after the due time. Due time for your individual response/prediction is within next 24 hours -- Thursday (15th) at 3:00...
  6. IgorG

    Wisdom of the remote viewing crowd experiment

    Hello all, I'm organising a simple "wisdom of the crowds" type prediction. Let's call it Wisdom of the remote viewing crowd prediction. Can we get at least 100 folks to get 100 intuitive / psi responses for a one future outcome? I got 30 so far... Let's see the power of the crowd in action...
  7. IgorG

    Lottery ARV - my new FREE software

    Hello! I'm happy to inform you that I released FREE Microsoft Windows program called "Lottery ARV". I coded this little program some time ago, but was lazy to write User Manual which was much more work than coding!! I demostrated it at ARV class (Lori Williams) so I got motivated to write the...
  8. IgorG

    ARV Studio Software

    Hi all, I'm one of the GMs at Applied Precognition Project. I'd like to spread the word about my software that I developed and it was released recently: ARV Studio. All info about it you can find on my website: Check out the demo version. Demo version is free for anyone to...
  9. IgorG

    Project - UEFA Champions League 2015 Winner

    Hello, Is anyone interested to set up small project with me and to participate as a viewer (tasker, judge..) It would be good to have 3-4-5 or more viewers. We can discuss the indirect RV or multipick (eight teams) ARV setup/protocol. We will be predicting UEFA Champions League 2015 Winner...
  10. IgorG

    P7B protocol - anyone wants to test this protocol with me?

    Hello, I developed new ARV protocol. I call it P7B. P7B protocol instructions: 1.) You need to remote view 7 different colors. Colors are: white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown and black. The only thing you need to do in single session is to Write down: THE COLOR. Write down only one color. It...