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    TKR's founder, Palyne Gaenir, has passed away

    This is shocking news, such a devasting loss , I can not begin to fanthom what her family is going thru .
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    Is there info from a session I cannot perceive or recall or communicate?

    Ha, thought of the same thing when reading the bible , uh really , these guys in reveleations , prophetic visions, with no clues of what an airplane looks like or concept of , what were the visions translations into their mind speak ? .. what basis ? what common denominator ? Interesting subject !
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    Do , what now ?

    Do , what now ?
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    sent you what i got , which was nothing but jibberish .. ah well ..good luck
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    at the top of the post from Tired Man (author of the post) a date of 2016 shows for the first post , he post again april 19 ..2022 (recently) but does not answer the post .. he said more than 5 years has gone by .. this forum desperately needs a massive B12 shot .. all these members including...
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    PSI Bar

    tkr target pics ..isn't that guy in one of em with a rooster comb ?
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    so this thread is dead .. ah poetry ..
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    Help with Target/Remote Viewing Groups

    I am not a new member .. i was logged in wrong .. so send the target and info to me on this email..
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    Missing Persons

    I had a theory once upon a time , using overlays on a map , I doubt it would work perfectly but if a person had enough viewers to try this theory out it could have interesting results , breaking down a map into say a large city map into 4 to 8 pictures over the grid of the map , then having a...
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    I forgot I had 2 accounts here .. tkr is still not working ..
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    good luck ! i encounter this problem with that site is the similarity between the targets ! it would be so much better if the targets all have differing gestalt ..but it does push the envelope as it is ..
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    I just got a good score over there at gotpsi rv quick targets on that group of 25 .. doing 25 at a time the 25 before that was piss poor , of course not consecutive but that 25 is , i think one of my best , i had gotten 12 out of 25 before but this was a little better , with a score of 13105.6...
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    The Mandela Effect

    This is indeed weird , I remember seeing the news and it showed 4 people I was in the 5 th grade at the time , jfk was in the (passenger side rear seat) his wife on the driver side rear , governor Connally on front passenger side , the way I remember it she is seen after the shots fired ...
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    The 5th Wave

    Thanks for that reply PJ ! so good to see you here, um I like the mysticism answer myself ! Dr Strange comes out in November (another comic book hero, ((of mine) it will be interesting to see how his awakening takes place, in yet another thought provoking movie.) I remember Marv once had a...
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    The 5th Wave

    On the movie the 5th wave one of the teenagers confesses that he was a hybrid alien , unaware of his alien side of his mind , till the aliens arrive and wake up the residual dna of all the hybrids there on our Planet Earth and that gets me to wondering what if all the latent dna in our systems...
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    Next President of the USA?

    Interesting debate with your self PJ. I wonder which side of the brain was conservative and which side was democrat (prob the right side) . ha ! I suggest a small tazing device to introduce shock therapy , after all the president is in consequential to either outcome as we are a government run...
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    Can RV select the best chess move?

    I love this post about rv and chess and intuitive playing ! One thing I like to add well maybe 2 things .. I believe that rv is working the whole time a player is playing the game ! 2. just like in the rv practice dojo sometimes we just nail the target other times we are out in the twilight...
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    Proof of moon landings in the news today ~
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    Moon Landings we did , I always said we did..