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    Can a remote viewer accurately view something in the past?

    A remote viewer knows no time. There may be a sense that the target is in the past
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    Question about ARV interference

    If you believe it will, it will. There is no reason for factors like that to have any effect, unless the tasking/viewing is somehow off.
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    Starting to get glimpses of the target

    Agree with that. gotta be careful with what you read. we manifest our limits so better read stories that will stretch what we believe is possible.
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    Starting to get glimpses of the target

    a lot depends on the viewer herself. including the limits we set on what is possible. Some people bilocate on the very first target.
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    Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment

    1. PK is real. you can affect matter at micro or macro levels. This could entail impact on matter such as long exposure film. 2. Thoughtography is real. Julie Eisenbad for instance studied a person called Ted Serios who was able to imprint images on film. Why wouldnt a remote viewer be able to...
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    Associative remote viewing tips

    Yes, assuming you will respond exactly the same way as Greg K. I find this assumption difficult to entertain as true.
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    Associative remote viewing tips

    simple chicken wire cage will already do wonders. you may ground them but in order for faraday cages to work, grounding is in fact not needed. i got to view inside a faraday cage and it was....not that special that i could tell. perhaps it works for some people
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    getting lines crossed?

    Just keep on going. this is part of the journey, probably just important to not to attach ourselves to those few incidents. carry on
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    Starting to get glimpses of the target

    Its likely you are already perceiving other sensations but at lower thresholds which are more difficult to perceive. time and meditation is shown to reduce this attentional blink so keep at it
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    Dreaming you are someone else

    I play the didg and it totally puts people in trance. some deep and real quick.
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    Dreaming you are someone else

    Yes, i was lucid. In hte past, i have felt that perhaps i am not even a person in a dream. just perhaps a dot. other times, i have felt myself going from one body to another one. that was sort of the feeling. but not knowledge. I have never put it together. thought it was maybe some sort of AOL...
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    Dreaming you are someone else

    i have had the inkling that it happens some of the time and the other night i found a mirror to check whether i was in another body and yes i was
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    Dreaming you are someone else

    did u dream of being someone else?
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    Dizzy and nauseous after a session

    hmmmm.... curioushow long are your sessions?
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    Channeling Ultraterrestrial/Ultratemporal Intelligence

    Good tai chi moves there. many big words though :)
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    My 2 biggest problems right now with RV

    ha, that is teh hardest thing. having an intention to succeed while expecting nothing, at any point in the session.
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    My 2 biggest problems right now with RV

    No protocol can control for your own mind. Only you can control your own mind. Every person struggles iwth AOL to lesser or greater extent. 1. Reduce that probing time from two seconds to half a second. 2. Separate yourself from the prior perceptions by taking breaks. anytime analysis kicks...
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    Experiencing the site, newbie vs professional viewer?

    Can happen to you too. Just because you dont have years of experience does not mean you can not have the same type of experience. keep on viewing.