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    Sumatra Earthquake - Mcmoneagle's Prediction?

    Is anyone tracking this at all?? :o After coming home from christmas vacations I checked the Ultimate Time Machine book.. to look for possible correlations with this terrible earthquake in sumatra 26th December. He didnt actually predicted this earthquake, but there is really an amazing...
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    Suspect Zero - Nice movie, has RV as part of story

    Hi guys, check the trailer: http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2004/STUVWXYZ/Suspect-Zero/trailer-page.html Finnally the general public will see a movie were we they can actually see a RV session being done (although a little beefed up, because its a movie..) The trailer is out, the movie is...
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    Very interesting data, on a group of RViewers  

    Rvrob has a project on his Grillflame forum were a group of viewers view a blind target.. These targets are different from practise targets, since are real and serious actual or historical targets. The last one was just finished and compiled by Rob and the results were amazing. Check here...
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    Got a New Target for you!

    Well Ive posted a new TOTW (Target of the Week) on the Grillflame forum. You can try it if you want: http://grillflame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=8401#8401 If you dont need to check out the post, the target coordinates are G2G1 Feedback is gona be released in 4th February. Post your sessions...
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    RV inspired videogame!

    (I hope this is not too off-topic) I guess a game was made "based" on the RV government projects, etc.. You can read an interview with the game makers here: http://xbox.ign.com/articles/449/449462p1.html And read this interesting quotes from the interview: :D IGN: How did you decide which...
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    RV Summer 2003 Hijacking Predictions?

    Hello Ive read on the net, on some Remote Viewing site (dunno if it was Psitech or other, cant remember) in January 2003 or February that they predicted that in the Summer of 2003 there would be some airport terrorism attacks.. Today Ive watched the Possible Hijacks on CNN.. So until now no...
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    Suggest future event targets here!

    Hello! Well, Im posting here so that I can obtain really interesting and diferent targets for my poll Im going to test for 1 or 2 months future event targets. For this I have a good poll of future questions.. I have programmed a simple software program that gives random numbers to a list of...