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  1. RedCairo

    What things would you like to dowse?

    I am doing a really massive review, discard and upgrade of both TKR and the Dojo Psi's target/task collections. I'm adding a lot more metadata to each, for viewing, administration, and dowsing. The dowsing categories that already existed were: Temporal (date/time) Locational (place) each of...
  2. RedCairo

    Found a fun ARV site online

    This is a nifty site that offers a variety of random stuff for ARV work: https://zvarik.cz/en/arv-remote-viewing-online-tool-randomizer
  3. RedCairo

    Great Song Satire of Social Media

    Makes fun of everyone, but mostly just the climate of social media Great music and really funny (and true!) lyrics
  4. RedCairo

    TKR's Hands-On Dojo is current offline; will return soon...

    For about the fourth time in 10 years my server company has said "we need to move your server for our own reasons" and I said, "OK" (because I have no choice), and they say, "OK check to make sure it's ok" and I say, "The site is totally dead. This isn't working at all! You must have some...
  5. RedCairo

    Remote Viewing Domains Available

    I'm getting ready to get rid of these domains. Search engine companies will have them then. If anybody is a viewer and wants one, just tell me about it, then request it and I'll approve it. remoteviewthis.com remoteviewers.info remoteviewers.org remoteviewers.biz remoteviewer.net...
  6. RedCairo

    Eye of Horus

    Really? Eye Of Horus And Pineal Gland Cross Section Comparison
  7. RedCairo

    LSD breakthrough for mental health patients

    http://www.sundayherald.com/news/heraldnews/display.var.2068669.0.0.php LSD breakthrough for mental health patients Research unveils link between hallucinogen and psychotic delusions IT'S A hallucinogenic drug that was once hailed as a promising psychiatric therapy before being banned amid...
  8. RedCairo

    lost a thread

    Where is the 9/11 thread? Maybe I'm too sleepy. I can't find it. Wanted to post these two (contradictory) links on it: Uncommon Video on WTC 7 Demolition: Can There Now Be Any Doubt? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread502498/pg1 Simulation shows why World Trade Center towers fell...
  9. RedCairo

    Scientology Online

    I thought I'd put this under Esoteria for the darkside/conspiracy angle. The Scientology materials (...the kind people normally have to pay many many thousands for...) are available online now, here: https://secure.wikileaks.org/wiki/Scientology Back in '96 or so I'd grabbed a ton off the...
  10. RedCairo

    Synchronicity by Cell Phone

    http://www.synctxt.com/ Dr. Dean Radin posted the link to that in Facebook.
  11. RedCairo

    Soldier Telepathy

  12. RedCairo

    Thank you for making an "RV Place" possible.

    Recently I've been hanging out at the Paracast forum where Daz did a great interview and, in response to several often totally hostile wanna-be debunkers, another viewer did an 'example' session. Link to post with data/feedback/sketching is here...
  13. RedCairo

    Bloodline: A controversial documentary (ref: Jesus)

    Visit: http://www.bloodlinethemovie.com A friend of mine was part of making a documentary on what you might call "a somewhat controversial version of issues related to Jesus the Christ." I haven't seen it yet, but I know they were very serious about it and anybody interested in such things...
  14. RedCairo

    Letting Go; and, Viewer Intent

    I thought I'd post on this after rereading an old post at my Red Cairo blog, here: http://redcairo.blogspot.com/2008/04/abramelin-and-remote-viewing.html Maybe magick (such as dealing with Abramelin entities), and those magic-eye pictures, and Remote Viewing, all actually have something in...
  15. RedCairo

    Greg K and LST -- for feedback, not viewing

    Another note from Greg's 2005 summary of thousands of ARV trials. This is another thing that I've never seen explored before. While he had his session time and feedback time recorded for everything, enabling Local Sidereal Time (and Solar Wind) statistics, one thing that was pretty novel in his...
  16. RedCairo

    Greg K and Time Delta between RV and Feedback

    I wanted to post about one of the many things I've found very interesting about Greg Kolodziejzyk's 2005 summary of his 1998-2005 associative remote viewing. Greg had thousands of sessions with feedback and result tracked to the detail for session time, feedback time, local sidereal time...
  17. RedCairo

    Earthlings Banned from Mars

    I am not making this up. "Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban humans on Mars at NASA: "Provided, That none of the funds under this heading shall be used for any research, development, or demonstration activities related exclusively to the human...
  18. RedCairo

    Mind Control Broadcasting Technology

    Just wanted to point out that according to the autobiography of John Lilly, hair-sized wire implants into the skull were a key research area to manipulate brain activity; that's why he got into dolphins originally--they had bigger brains. Many accounts claiming para-govt experimentation on...
  19. RedCairo

    MP3s without license crap

    This is as off topic as it gets -- One of my biggest pet peeves on the internet is the way the Evil Empires of the recording industry have gradually created software -- and digital music -- that can only be played on certain kinds of software or players, that will disable files it doesn't think...