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  1. RedCairo


    Thanks JRB. Where is McNear's manual?
  2. RedCairo

    Perceptual Gardening in the Fields of Popular Science — Quantum Entanglement, Non-Locality and the Psi Question

    Lovely article. Aside from one paragraph that contradicted all the rest of it, that was really an excellent "attempt to keep it real".
  3. RedCairo

    What things would you like to dowse?

    Hmmn, that's an idea. Indoor/outdoor sorts of things as well perhaps. Such info is not always available, or singular, or obvious, but sometimes it is.
  4. RedCairo

    What things would you like to dowse?

    I am doing a really massive review, discard and upgrade of both TKR and the Dojo Psi's target/task collections. I'm adding a lot more metadata to each, for viewing, administration, and dowsing. The dowsing categories that already existed were: Temporal (date/time) Locational (place) each of...
  5. RedCairo


    Er... no worries. Not mad. :-)
  6. RedCairo

    Is it possible to astral project into the future? If so, how? Would it be considered a form of ARV?

    Astral projection (or out of body experiences aka OBE) is awesome, but even in the most ordinary of circumstances -- the here and now of the room your body is in -- the state of mind and perception is pretty offbeat. I'd think that perceptual state would just add a ton of noise and...
  7. RedCairo

    Question about ARV interference

    This is one of those things... viewing is all about intent, but that includes attention and expectation bound with it. It becomes one of those things where everything can affect a view, but nothing has to affect it. So it really comes down to the viewer in the end, whether any detail 'prevents'...
  8. RedCairo


    Specifically where and when will you be providing feedback? :-) Viewers usually need to feel fairly sure of their tasker and feedback before bothering with tasks from strangers. (Some do! But it helps to be clear in advance.)
  9. RedCairo

    Q: Targets we post on TKR

    I just put TANDEM into beta-test in the dojo, and once it's clear, I will clone it for a SOLO version. I took the window gallery out of the dojo eons ago but would like to put it back. Before I can do this, I'm resurrecting pieces of Taskerbot, an old project that was all about tasking...
  10. RedCairo

    Can a remote viewer accurately view something in the past?

    Technically you can view anything, anywhere, anywhen. Whether the viewer gets the timing element as data is up in the air, though.
  11. RedCairo

    Mission for Mon 04-Nov-2019

    Thanks for viewing Slorri -- I love missions! Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it goes terribly, but it's always fun. Viewers with courage are priceless IMO. :-) We'll be doing Missions weekly again from now on -- as well as a Monday night chat (8pm PT, 11pm ET, and sadly 4am GMT which is...
  12. RedCairo

    Mission for Mon 04-Nov-2019

    Alrighty then, I think I got it worked out (but still mucking about with it tonight some more) You and Seven both got some nice data on this one Slorri. PJ
  13. RedCairo

    Mission for Mon 04-Nov-2019

    Hey Slorri, I posted a note to you and Seven last night on the dojo chatmat. Clearly there's a bug on the confirm as it shows me both sessions weren't confirmed by user. Thanks for the bug report (got the email notice), the details help! I'll get it resolved by tonight hopefully and the Mission...
  14. RedCairo

    Hello Everybody!

    Howdy Steve Nice to meet you You're a viewer?
  15. RedCairo

    Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding

    Yeah, Joe, everything in my meditation world ends up being "cosmology" which was very confusing to me for a long time. But the message comes back infinitely over the years to the point I finally put that as one of the headings on my blog talking about the inner work, which says: The universe is...
  16. RedCairo

    Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility

    Thanks. The webmaster tells me there was some kind of permissions issue that was affecting some things, which allowed this. He corrected some things and reverted some things. There's still a small error interfering with his finishing that effort, which turns out to be a software bug, so that's...
  17. RedCairo

    Can't locate Imgur directions for adding images to a session

    OK, better late than never (...) -- now that you've already figured it out, haha, but maybe it'll help someone else -- the page is now present with info.
  18. RedCairo

    getting lines crossed?

    Yes, it's not uncommon to "displace" as it's called, when you do tasks too closely. This should resolve with a lot more experience but is much more common early on. The primary means of staving it off is just to be extremely attentive to the separation of them mentally when you're going about it...
  19. RedCairo

    Can't locate Imgur directions for adding images to a session

    Toad! Howdy! Crap, did I forget to MAKE the page?? It sounds like maybe I did. Although as a quicker solution than me doing it, IMGUR instructions are likely all over the internet as well as at imgur itself. Just size it (or use the 'largest thumbnail' option if you keep it full size) to get...