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    Are we living in a hologram?

    I read this a few days ago and I have been thinking about it since then. If this pans out it could lead to proof of the smallest "particle" of time. If my ideas are...
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    Class Note part 3 Advanced Phase 4

    Class Note part 3 Advanced Phase 4 If you get several perceptions at once such as dark, towering, structure: write P4 1/2 with a dash and state your perceptions all together. You may even pick up more as you write it down. If at any time you get an image, you can also do a P4 1/2 sketch...
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    Class notes part 2 - phase 4 basics

    Now - Phase 4 notes This could be a class all to itself. Start by drawing out the matrix. Number the page and put P4 as the title. in even columns write S (for senses) M (magnitudes) VF (viewer feeling) E (emotions at the target) P (Physicals) SUB ( Subspace) C (concepts) GD (Guided...
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    Class notes

    I Just completed Farsight RV Voyager class Sunday. It was incredible. We had some very impressive sessions that really blew me away. I promised to share some notes and I can't tell you enough about it. If you have the opportunity to take some classes or attend a seminar such as Joe's, just...
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    I recently did a session that was viewing a person in present time (not TKR). The session went good (even though at the time I didn't think so) and I ended the session. However, before it began, I felt a connection to a subject, in the session and afterward, she was still connected. I figured...
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    RV training in danger

    I need some help. I am finally scheduled for an official 4 day SRV course in Atlanta March 23-27th. That's the good news. However, there are not enough students to make it a go. That's the bad news. We need at least one more. -Could be you. The instructor is Diane Moore, trained by Lyn...
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    Re: Joe McMoneagle's "tips"

    MORE! MORE! MORE! Not everyone was so fortunate as to go. Speaking for myself, I would love to pick your brain (for your notes) for anything that could help. Don't hold back, it really sounds like everybody had an encredible experience. I would like to try the "play at home" version.