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    Can anyone guide me on this please ?

    You are very welcome! That's what this site is all about. I have been absent for a few years actually and just came back. I would try to find time to do into the PSI DoJo but having to recreate everything so give me some time if you emI knew I had a gift and someone took the time to help me...
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    I don't rely on methods others create. I don't use drugs to get there. I create my own way. I have met with some of the best governmental CRVs form Monroe Institute in Charlottesville VA. Good people but not like me. I know some of the Remote Viewers from Farsight and their methods are...
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    Thrown into a remote view without initiating the session

    I thought so too, since I have never had someone yelling before - Now that I think about it , the boy, he was reacting to something. I usually see a site, something changes, they move around, move stuff or do something they shouldn't - this was different. The sound and feeling was...
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    Can anyone guide me on this please ?

    Hi Bob! Welcome to my world! the tones and tingling is the energy but it is coming from the earth. I don't know where you are located but you need to keep in touch with USGS or if in Europe the EMSC site for earthquakes. Sound like to me you are now in tuned with Mother earth and she is...
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    Thrown into a remote view without initiating the session

    OK folks - this has been happening a lot lately over a dozen times in the past 12 months. I'm good at Remote Viewing, Astral Travel and I'm a Psychic that has worked wonders with the US government. This virus that has countries on lock down - is not what it seems. I was throw into a session...
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    Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility

    I had to recreate my account. This is my GO TO place to tune and reaffirm my talent. All of the People that give their time and talent to this site are amazing! It goes without saying - this is home for a lot of us!! Thank you for creating and maintaining this site! It helps us all that are...
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    where is everyone?

    where is everyone?