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    Remote Viewing Competition

    Want to practice your Remote Viewing Skills and have a chance at winning a $200 Amazon Gift Card?
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    Importance of sufficient Feedback

    The importance of having more than just a Target Photograph as feedback.
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    Participate in Research & Practice Remote Viewing
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    Anomalies it is...the book "Anomalies". The book contains personal 'anomalous' experiences and describes a personal journey in search of answers to questions even scientists have no clear answer to. It tells the story on how I found myself on the path to Remote Viewing and the choices I...
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    5 Day Remote Viewing Training in Amsterdam

    Dear Friends and Remote Viewers, Yes, the Remote Viewing Unit Australia goes to Amsterdam! We will be holding the 5 Day Intensive Remote Viewing Training Course for the first time in Europe, starting on the 12th of August this year! This course will enable you to do Remote Viewing Sessions...
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    Project worked on in 2007

    Hello all, Like I promised in another post here on TKR I would publish a police case I have worked on as soon as the police team leader gave me permission to share this in public. Yesterday 5th of January 2009 I received the ok for sharing this case which took place in the last 3 months of...
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    Australian Remote Viewing Unit

    After the US and Europe...Australia now has it's own Remote Viewing Unit! Founded to introduce the people in Australia to RV! Check it out... 8) Psyforce
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    Precognitive RV-sessions

    During my practice-sessions in the Dojo, I noticed at times I have a series of precognitive sessions. It tricked me serveral times! When this started to happen made me wonder: "Could I be RV-ing the next target again instead of this one? That seems to happen a lot! I get to see the...