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  1. mscir

    What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?

    I am trying out a recording of *rainfall while RVing, and I was wondering what other people listen to. I was thinking of trying New Age or Classical, but thought that might be too distracting, so I went for something natural that resembles white noise. I'm curious to hear what other people are...
  2. mscir

    Do you use Mind Maps?

    David Morehouse mentions Mind Maps in his Remote Viewing book, and on his *web site. I was wondering how many people use mind mapping as part of their CRV methodology. *
  3. mscir

    psi tech guarantees 85% accuracy investing advice

    I was talking about what is possible with RV with a buddy, and Psi Tech came up during the discussion. I found this quote on their web site, "We guarantee an 85% hit rate. In addition our intelligence tools are able to optimize the best trading plan/strategy for entry-exit, while providing...
  4. mscir

    Tips or Experiences on Learning/Decoding Ideograms, Anybody?

    I'm getting ready to burn in the 9 ideograms Daz mentions on pg 9 of his Open Source CRV v2 pdf. Does anybody have any stories about how they familiarized themselves with ideograms? And has anybody experienced ideograms changing over time, or watching new ones spontaneously pop up during a...
  5. mscir

    I can't access RV Self-Training : missing or off limits

    I would like to learn to RV at home, there are no classes near me, and I hoped to find a procedure to follow on this site. When I click on "RV Self-Training" in the right column of the pages here, I get the message: "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off...