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    visions versus RV.

    I am not sure if i should try RV since i have visions. does anyone think it will worsen my visions. i honestly like the thought of RV since its controllable but still unsure of how it might affect me in the long run. any pointers would be great
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    My endless search for others like me...

    So far I haven't met others that are like myself but I know there are. To be honest I am the kind of person that watches from the side line, only because I can see more from there. The things I am going to try to explain is very difficult since I am not open enough to let others in or what I can...
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    Is it normal to see and hear static? actual static?

    When I was around 6 years old I started seeing static. I thought i was normal until i turned 12. I had my eyes checked. nothing was wrong even my vision was 20/20. so i shrugged it off. I got used to it overtime since i see it everywhere and it never goes away. About a year ago i started hearing...
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    term meanings...Help

    I am very new to this site and have been coming to an problem understanding what thing are meaning. ERV? RI? SRV? ARV? 4S? to name a few Thank you for reading
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    New to this site. I have some questions.

    I have done remote viewing a couple times but it seems to be odd in my case. I see the visions then a couple seconds go by and it kicks me out. a few seconds go by i end up getting pulled back in to the vision as if i missed nothing. this can happen 6 times with one vision. Is this normal and is...