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    Q: Targets we post on TKR

    Is it possible for people post targets here, even blind ones, and try to get information about them? For example, imagine that I have a target or a question, that nobody knows. The question could be for example: "What event destroyed the old hotel near my house?" or "What can I know about the...
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    Ideograms - literal vs dictionary question

    Hi! First of all, I see that the forum is almost new posts, lots of deleted threads (dont know why)...Well, any way, my question is this: Some remote viewers prefer to create a list of ideograms to describe everything, for example, across-down will be always a structure or artificial...
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    I dont get, I really dont get how to remote view. I prepare the papers for the session, I am in the mood to do it (really focused) and then I start the session. After the last stroke for the target number, I will squeeze an ideogram. Sometimes will go slow, sometimes its like a burst. Then I go...
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    Prudence Calabrese and other tut. videos

    I found some videos of Prudence C. on youtube. They seem to be nice tutorials on RV. Do you think that they are good enough to learn RV? Do you have any better options? It seems that Prudence was involved on some controversial issues, something that may affect her reputation as a serious...
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    Question about the way you "pop out" information

    I still dont get something, very important I think, about the way you make ideograms (phase I), basic word information on sensations (phase 2) or sketches (phase 3): do you let your hand do the stuff at random? For example: 1) On ideogram phase, do you do a quick scrawl at random? If the arm...
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    Ideogram vs Mental Image

    Hi people, From what I read, from books to internet stuff related to RV, it seems that sometimes the idea behind RV is doing ideograms OR try to see mental images of the target. Is this the way? I mean, is remote viewing about ideograms OR about mental pictures. To be honest I hate the idea...