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  1. Red_Star

    Re: challenge

    Hey Diaz, if you so "pro" then why don't you play predicting future world events with me? Yes, I am calling you out, that is if you are not too busy "selling out" and putting your mugg on DVDs. Pick a continent of your choice and season, predict the disaster, but if you are too busy "selling...
  2. Red_Star

    Psi Spies by Jim Marrs

    I was at the book store and came across this book and thought I share it with all of you fellow RV'ers. What first caught my attention was that Ed Dames never wanted this book published and has gone to great lengths to prevent it from ever seeing the light of day. So after I read the brief...
  3. Red_Star

    UFO corn field meaning and messages

    Ok so this was started because isn't anyone even the least bit curious about some of the UFO corn field messages? I will admit that due to very recent events of the meteor DA-14 and recent Russian event, was it coincidental? I have looked into a few corn field messages, most are fake, some are...
  4. Red_Star

    NFL Sunday selection

    My picks for some NFL games Greenbay vs Chicago Indianapolois vs Houston Jacksonville vs Miami Minnesotta vs St. Louis New York vs Atlanta Tampa Bay vs New Orleans Carolina vs San diego Detriot vs Arizona Seattle vs Buffalo Kancas city vs Oak land Pittsburg vs Dallas San Francisco vs New...
  5. Red_Star

    Tips for verifying future target and some hunting tips.

    I've done some precognition events for fun, but I thought that I put up a little cheat sheet to help those that can remote view better clarify what they need to see. * Check the constants such as what is the weather on that particular day/night; constants such as the sun will rise and set...
  6. Red_Star

    Target tag 4JF1238

    I have an target I would like the viewers on this site to view. I have full feed back as I was the photographer at the time so without ruining what the target is here's the target info Please view target : 4JF1238 This one isn't your average target that's all I have to say.
  7. Red_Star

    Missing person Matthew Huszar

    Here is the link to the missing person's case. There is an reward, I've narrowed down the search to two specific industrial area sites, went over the two sketches I did. Found similar elements that I...
  8. Red_Star

    Re: Ghost Horses

    Ok that might have been a bit silly, but since you mentioned "horses", it brought up an old article I've read a long time ago from National geographic here's the link It gets pretty interesting near the end of the article...
  9. Red_Star

    Telepathy and Zener cards

    I am thinking of attempting this, but I have a few questions #1 Can this work with regular playing cards? #2 Does it absolutely require the person to focus on the card or think of the card in their hand? #3 Can RV work in a situation like that?
  10. Red_Star

    Hockey Playoffs 2012 Champions

    So with Football finished, Hockey season is about to wrap up shortly soon afterwards as well with playoff season looming ahead. Who would like to guess the four teams that will make it to the playoffs and the team that will win the championships?