1ARV Workshop


1ARV Sports and Financial Wagering/Investing:
Precognitive Remote Viewing Applications using Team Enhancements

Russ Targ will be a participant at the June 14 - 17 1ARV workshop. He is
interested in developing and sharing information about 1ARV, precognition,
consciousness and spirituality. Russ will participate as a team member.

Don Walker who was the first person, as far as we know, to publish an
article on Unitary ARV will also be part of the team.

We will learn by predicting and tracking the outcomes of 9 Sports and
Financial Events - Wagering is optional, and available, in Las Vegas.

1ARV Info:

Keep RVing,



"Actually betting", as you put it, is critical IMO because the "wagering" is an important 4th step in the 1ARV protocol. 1ARV is eventually going to have a reliability factor/index that indicates the confidence in the prediction. This then leads to the amount of energy the 1ARV Team wants to "invest".

Join us and learn the full 1ARV protocol and philosophy with Russell Targ, Don Walker and Jon Knowles adding their experience to the mix at the workshop:



New Member
Hey Marty,
I doubt if you'll remember me. I attended the first ARV seminar you put on at the Monroe Institute, along with Skip Atwater, several years ago. (Since I was the only person present who was already an Rver, I was the guy who had to get up in front of the class and try to do an RV session on the white board - and I missed the target entirely, lol). Back then, you had a team that was ARVing the stock market. While I didn't join the team, I enjoyed the seminar very much.

I was just curious how the stock market ARVing went and if you're still involved with that. Thanks.
Don Williams