2 Practice Targets 4 U


"Keep Moving Forward"
Hi Guys,

This is purely for those who do regular RV
fearlessly and without expectation
but beginners can have a stab too.

I have a number of targets which you might want
to practice with - I ve done them myself at some point
so will be willing to share data and ideas quite easily.


TARGET ID 4321 - 783D

I'll start with these two first.
Happy Rving, :)



New Member
Hi Tunde,

I'm going to do the first one tonight. :D

When is feedback..........or do we get it on request?

Cheers Liz


"Keep Moving Forward"
Hi Liz,
you get in on request IMMEDIATELY. ;)
again its nothing gory or anything like that.
so just chill out and relax and RV without expectation.



energycritter@y ahoo.com
I want to play with these two targets. I played with one and posted my results on Grillflame and I owe it to my favorite web-site, TKR (I only have two to choose from  ::) ) to try a target posted here.

So, I guess I have no time limit...?

I will try to work the session into my evening hours this week, (daughter) is out of state visiting family, so, I may be able to find time....hey, maybe I can work in a reward for my SC....ha ha...there were a couple of ideas that may end up being possible, this week... ;)

BC the EC


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
For cryin out loud....the things we wives are expected to do for the sake of male evolvement ::) ::)

Where did it say in the 'I do's' that male evolvement requries female involvement?? :p

LOL....it is bad enough that we women are thought to have the cures for male backpain, but target devices we are not ! :mad:

oh boy.....I'm getting out of this convo while the getting is still good....see ya...!! ;D


"Keep Moving Forward"
Polka dot and BC
There is no time limit whatsoever.
whenever your ready basically just pem
me and i will send you the feedback asap.
remember though this *is* an esoteric target ok?
Hence the reason why its under this sector.

Have fun you brave explorers of psi ;D



energycritter@y ahoo.com
Tunde, I am sending you my results in an instant message.

I was able to put a little time into a session to consider three different targets, your two plus one that was on a list that I got from pdPJ.

I had a blast....

Thanks, BC the EC


"Keep Moving Forward"
Thanks BC ;D

iam sure you did!
Will also see if its ok for some of the others
who did it to allow me to send their stuff as well.

As one of my RV mentors often says.."you were there"
I think once you take up any kind of formal RVtraining
you have the potential to be a really great viewer.
Have sent you a PEM already.

Well done guys some interesting stuff came up
in all sessions (including my own) done so far.